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Randall Klitz

Randall Klitz

Randall Klitz, also known as the "Dean of Poker" around many underground clubs in New York City, has gained his reputation through years of experience. An accomplished musician, he has toured with top Broadway musicals and performed at Carnegie Hall. Randall lives in New York City's East Village.

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Randall Klitz
The Winner's Guide to Dating: What I learned about love and sex from playing Texas Hold 'em by Randall Klitz

This little gem of a book consists of five chapters - with prudent advice backed up by years of painful observation and field work. Are you a winner?

  • Does everyone you know seem to be having more sex than you?
  • Do your facial expressions give away your intentions?
  • Do you know when to "cut your losses?"
This book will help you "tilt the odds" in your favor every time you date.

Illustrations by Muriel Alvarez.

1st edtion 2007; 63 pages.

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