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Random Objects
by Mario Tarasini

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Random Objects by Mario Tarasini

You will receive four effects:


Show an empty bottle and a coin. Visually toss the coin in to the bottle and the coin will melt through it. The bottle is then handed to the spectator for an inspection and to keep. Spectator cannot find any holes or gimmicks. Also, you can do this effect with a bottle full of water or any drink. Upon learning the secret, you will immediately want to rush out and perform it.


Attention! The creator takes no responsibility for the actions of the owners of this effect. This video was released with the goal of surprising and entertaining people. Be ethical and respect other people. The magician goes to the store and buys a lottery ticket. He scratches it off. If it is the unlucky one, the magician waves his hand and the ticket miraculously becomes new again. You can give it back to the seller. The ticket is completely undamaged and there is not a single scratch.


An interesting idea with a pencil, coin and playing cards. Show spectator all three random objects. Put a coin in a folded card and visually stab the pencil through the coin. Rub with the fingers and the hole in the coin will heal itself ... and now the best part ... after the effect you can give the spectator all the props to check. No threads. Coin can be borrowed. Normal pencil. Any playing cards. Just a coin, pencil and playing card.

Multiplying Holes

Just punch one hole on the selected card and the hole will multiply. The best part is that after the trick the card can be given to the spectator.

1st edition 2020, video 27 min

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