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Ray Roch

Ray Roch is a magician/humorist performing close-up or stage magic. During 50 odd years of performing, Ray has done it all: Conventions, trade shows, stage shows, festivals, rodeos, cruise ships, TV, private parties, etc. Ray is a sleight of hand specialist who bamboozles, amuses and bewilders. The most often compliment heard is that Ray seems to be having so much fun on stage that people can't leave without a smile on their face. His interaction with a frog puppet is a routine not to be missed! The frog takes on a life of it's own, constantly frustrating Rays attempt to perform an orderly magic production of a single card. Hilarious! Many magicians use solid steel rings in their act. Not Ray, he uses coat hangers that are forever tangled. More hilarity! In short, Ray entertains his audience! Long time Magician, Ray Roch is also the originator of a DVD called "The Impossible Box, a chronicle showing how to build and load an origami card box utilizing 6 playing cards. There are multiple methods of loading ...

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Ray Roch
The Impossible Coin in Bottle by Ray Roch

A very well constructed method and routine for the classic coin in the bottle effect which does use a solid coin.

Even though there are many good routines, they all seem to have flaws. Most detrimental is the fact that a folding coin’s elastic band can break at an inopportune time, and another problem is that whenever a performer has to access a pocket to retrieve or ditch a coin it becomes a suspicious move.

These problems are dealt with nicely during Ray Roch’s Impossible coin in the Bottle routine. The hands never leave the performance area and always remain in sight. A solid coin...

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