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R.C. Buff's Knot on the Square
by Joseph K. Schmidt

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R.C. Buff's Knot on the Square by Joseph K. Schmidt

Knots and magic effects with them from R.C. Buff.

Rufus Claude Buff, due to his love for ropes and knots, has become affectionately known as "The Wizard of Knotsville" because he lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. He was a prolific contributor to books and periodicals. Buff published his own magazine called The Modern Magic as well as Buff's Leaflets. He started writing this book which Joseph K. Schmidt finished and illustrated.

  • Publisher's Note
  • Foreword
  • Square Knot To Two Single Knots—Then Back To Square Knot
  • The "Reno Knot"
  • A Real Square From Deleware!
  • The Thief Knot
  • Ashley's "What Knot"
  • Half Hitched
  • The Chefalo Vanishing Knot
  • Chefalo Knot To Loop Of Rope
  • Under The Handkerchief
  • Instant Tying And Vanishing
  • The One-Armed Sailor (Two Ropes)
  • The Snob
  • Two Loops (Square Knot In Technicolor)
  • Special Effects
    • Dissolving A Genuine Square Knot While Ends Are Held By Spectators
    • The Rope With Two Centers - No Ends!
    • The Gordian Knot
    • The Square "Detector"

1st edition 1987, 21 pages; PDF 36 pages.
word count: 4985 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text