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Reflections on the Double Card: Ascanio's Handling
by Jesús Etcheverry


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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Reflections on the Double Card: Ascanio's Handling by Jesús Etcheverry

The Double Lift is one of the easiest and at the same time one of the hardest moves in conjuring with cards. It is the easiest, because everybody can get a break under the top two cards, and then take and show them as one. There is no difficulty whatsoever in doing this. However, it is also one of the hardest moves, because to do this simple action deceptively, so that nobody even suspects in the slightest you hold two cards, is hard.

This ebook explains in detail Arturo de Ascanio's approach to making the Double Lift deceptive. Jesús Etcheverry, a longtime student and close friend of Ascanio, with the help of Ascanio's notes, manuscripts, and his own recollections explains in minute detail all aspects of Ascanio's theory including his various forms of misdirection, and ways to handle and move double cards innocently. There is a lot that influences the deceptiveness of the move that goes beyond the simple mechanical action of a Double Lift. Every aspect of Arturo's teachings is exemplified with a number of wonderful routines. With close to 900 photos you will not only be able to read but also see every step in every routine.

From the Preface by Roberto Giobbi:

Ascanio used to say, "Not further but deeper." Jesús has lived by this credo, and with the present e-book he has produced a work of exceptional quality, a document unlike anything before on the subject of Ascanio's arguably favorite subject, that handling of double cards. The Japanese say, "Every small world harbors a big world". If you study what Jesús has gathered in the present opus, you'll understand the meaning of this saying. You'll find out that what looks like a small sub-sub-genre of magic in reality contains all the great thoughts and concepts that make the essence of magic. Hence, studying this text will not only teach you lots of techniques and some tricks pertaining to double cards, but also and above all what makes and brakes Artistic Magic.

  • Preface (Roberto Giobbi)
  • Foreword
  • Chapter One: The Manuscript
  • Chapter Two: Preliminary Comments
    • Ascanio's Handling of the Double Card
  • Chapter Three: Introduction
    • On the subject
    • Its importance
    • General plan
    • Note
  • Chapter Four: Performance
  • Chapter Five: A Little bit of theory
    • Technical aspects
    • Summary
    • a) Technique of the "catch"
    • b) Holding technique
    • c) Mobility technique
    • d) Transfer technique
    • e) Return technique
    • Construction aspects ("Modus operandi")
    • Cover aspects
    • Presentation aspects
    • Expansions and compressions
  • Chapter Six: The performance in light of theory
    • 1. Double Ambitious Card
    • 2. Credential Cards
    • 3. The Ambitious Ace of Spades ("Follow the Ace of Spades")
      • Andrus Get Rid
  • Chapter Seven: The performance in light of theory
    • 4. The Restless Lady
      • Ascanio's Careless Spread
      • Modified card-dealing position
      • Ascanio push-off
      • The Rubbed Lay Down
      • The Burning Double
      • Tenkai Turnover
      • Turnover in O
      • Three-card Tenerife Ascanio Spread and Sliding Clamp
      • Ascanio Air Cushion Turnover
    • 5. Sleightless Oil and Water (or so it seems)
      • Ascanio's modified position of dealing cards - and the way of dealing
      • "Passing packet count"
      • Rubbed Lay Down
      • Ascanio's Sweeping Pick up (or "el paseíllo")
      • The Petal Picking ("El deshoje")
      • In-transit Lay Down
      • Don't blink (revised version)
  • Chapter Eighth: The performance in light of theory
    • 6. If you don't pay attention...
      • Erdnase Break
    • 7. Aces with love
      • Ascanio's Honest Display
      • Flutter cards between fingers
      • Ascanio's Careless Toss
      • Ascanio's In-transit Count (two as three)
      • Loose Count
      • Ascanio Spread to display
      • The Nail Twist
  • Chapter Nine: The performance in light of theory
    • 8. The Aces of my exam
      • The Elmsley Push
      • The Pinch Spread
    • 9. Stranger Ambitious Card
      • Color change, "The Power"
      • The Ascanio get rid
      • Cut one against fifty-one
      • Matt Corin's transformation
  • Conclusion
    • Magic-science and Magic-art: thought - inspiration
    • End of a magic lecture
  • Appendix
  • Chapter Ten: Forgotten or lost gems
    • 10. The dice command ... and the cards obey. [Four "miracles" in one]
    • 11. The Zingone Spread My Version
    • Alberto Reyes's Comments
1st edition 2020, PDF 214 pages.
word count: 73776 which is equivalent to 295 standard pages of text