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Fade Away

reviewed by James Colonna (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 22 February, 2012)

Fade AwayI'm new to this review business but I thought I'd start making some.

Fade Away is definitely an interesting ebook. First, you can see demos of both routines on Youtube. Just search "Fade away" and "Trio", by Stephen Tucker. If you like what you see from the demos then you won't be disappointed with the book.

Now my thoughts. In my opinion if you want to do Fade Away, you might as well do the trick "The trick that Fooled Houidin" instead. I just think that there will be less heat on the deck if you do it this way. In Fade Away I think that spec's will want to see the cards, and well you can hand the cards out after. But then the lay people will be handling gimmicked cards. But that's my opinion.

Trio: Is a nice three card trick, and if you like what you see in the demo then you won't be dissapointed.

My one negative is that in Fade Away and Trio, you're not really left "clean" in my opinion. So if like examinable tricks, then I wouldn't recommend it. But if you don't mind ending dirty then I recommend it.

Thanks, James Colonna

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)