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Sensational Spirit Cabinet Act

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Don Bursell
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 04 May, 2022)

Sensational Spirit Cabinet ActI like the method of tying in this short manuscript. It is easy to perform the "manifestations" yet still appear to remain tied. I will admit that I have never performed this spirit cabinet routine, but have helped others perform this method in their own shows. This covers enough "effects" that you can choose to use some or all of them, and still have a good, full routine.

The Jastrow Illusion in Magic

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Don Bursell (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Saturday 28 September, 2019)

The Jastrow Illusion in MagicReview title: Not enough information.

I’ve always liked the Jastrow illusion, and even use it in my walk around performing. So I bought this booklet, hoping to expand my knowledge of the illusion, and possibly be inspired by other designs I was not aware of.

It’s good, but doesn’t really go any further than what I already knew of. It shows about 6 or 7 different versions, all of which I’m aware of or own. It talks about the history of the illusion, but I felt it could have covered a whole lot more versions of it that have been released over the years. (I did a search of this in Google and found 100s of historical examples.)

Overall, it was good, but not enough information, I felt, to warrant a $10 price tag.

Paper Folding Giveaways For Magicians

Overall customer rating: ★★★

reviewed by Don Bursell (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 12 September, 2019)

Paper Folding Giveaways For MagiciansI was hoping for more modern, updated ideas than the original book had. Not much new at all.

I usually am intrigued by Knight’s ideas and additions, but not in this case. Disappointing purchase.

What's Up Deck?

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Don Bursell
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 08 April, 2013)

What's Up Deck?I purchased this as a hardcover book when it was first released, after seeing Aldo perform two Oil & Water routines from it.

I really like this book for two reasons: First, nothing is left out. If a routine calls for a move or sleight, it is taught, and never leaves you running to other resources to learn it. If you look at the table of contents listed here on, you will see how "full" this book is with sleights and variations. Second, the routines taught in here are not difficult at all, but have a strong impact from a visual and "astonishment" perspective.

The two O&W routines I refer to are "Nice Salad" and "Italian Dressing". One uses just 8 cards, and is very visual. The second uses a 9th (hidden) card, but allows even more visual astonishment.

$10.00 is a steal of a price for the amount of material contained in this book.

So, oddly enough, two of my favorite books on card magic have bright yellow covers: "What's Up Deck?" by Aldo Colombini, and Richard Kaufman's book on Bro. John Hamman's card work.

Don Bursell Mora, MN

42 Amazing Tricks and Stunts with Rope

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Don Bursell
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 17 November, 2011)

42 Amazing Tricks and Stunts with RopeAs an owner of the actual printed copy of this book, I have to say that it is really good. The basics are covered, all the way up to a decent handling of Professor's Nightmare.

Whenever I teach magic classes, this is one of the best resources, and also to have for sale afterward. The actual printed copy sells for $3.00 also, and can be found via quite a few magic shops.

This is a great book for someone beginning to explore rope magic. And it is very well illustrated.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)