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Rick Carruth

Rick Carruth

Editor of the Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic. The largest free newsletter in all of magic. We recently published our 206th issue. That included 200 regular issues and 6 additional special issues published since issue 200. Rick is also a reviewer for Murphy's Magic and a practicing Mentalist..


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Rick Carruth
Magic Roadshow Special Issue #6 by Rick Carruth
  • Rubber Band Quarantine - Tutorial
  • Pandemic - A Very Scary Effect - Jim Canaday
  • 5 Mind Reading Magic Tricks - Video Tutorial
  • Which Hand - Video Tutorial
  • "ACE" - Sleight of Hand by Noel Heath - Video
  • Penn and Teller FOOL ME Reveals
  • Self Working Card Trick That Fools Everyone - Video
  • Spidey's Version of Vernon's 'Out of Sight - Out of Mind'
  • Invisible ACAAN - Tutorial
  • Comprehensive "ACAAN" - A Thorough Study - Video
  • Joe Navarro Poker Tells - Videos
  • A LETTER TO SANTA! by George Iglesias - A Review
  • The Vault - Matrix Mix by Patricio Teran - A Review
  • Houdini's Last Trick - Peter Eggink...
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