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(Holland: - 30th November 1985)

Stage name of Johan H. van Rinkhuyzen. Pro close-up. 1955 FISM 2nd prize for micro-magic. As a Midshipman in the Dutch Navy, Rink's interest was first aroused in magic when he saw the performance of one of the Quartermasters, who later taught him a few card tricks. In 1920 Rink left the Navy and became a stockbroker, but he remained in civilian life for only five years, re-joining the Navy in 1925. It was during those five years that he began to delve deeply into magic, and made frequent visits to Bartl's Magic Shop in Hamburg. He was stationed for many years in the East Indies, narrowly escaped from Java during WWII, and was imprisoned by Japan in Singapore where he befriended Sydney Piddington from "The Piddingston" mentalism duo.

See Hugh Miller, Rink's Original Rope Mysteries (1972, 28pp). Tricks in Genii, etc.

Coauthors: Hugh Miller

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Rink & Hugh Miller
Rink's Original Rope Mysteries by Rink & Hugh Miller

Rink, by real name Johan H. van Rinkhuyzen, was a successful Dutch professional close-up magician who won 2nd prize for micro-magic at the 1955 FISM.

  • Basic Moves
  • Colour-Changing Knots
  • Jumping Knots
  • Red and White Mystery
  • Sympathetic Ropes
  • Three to One
  • Linking Ropes

1st edition 1969, PDF 21 pages.

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