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Rubber Bands for Shuber Blades (5 pieces)
by Chris Wasshuber


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

Rubber Bands for Shuber Blades (5 pieces) by Chris Wasshuber

We received so many requests for these rubber bands that we decided to offer them separately from the Shuber Blades. The blades will hold forever, but the rubber bands will eventually deteriorate or break. With this package you can get replacement bands for your Shuber Blades.

You will get 5 replacement rubber bands. Each rubber band is custom made from a transparent synthetic rubber. They are 0.75" (~2cm) wide. Their flat length is 3.7" (~9 cm). They fit the Shuber Blades perfectly but have also many other uses.

I sometimes use these rubber bands without blades. It doesn't give you the same protection but it does keep decks and cards in order. These rubber bands, with or without Shuber Blades, also prevent a deck from sliding around on a table. This is very handy in trains, on ships and on airplanes.

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