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Sacred Sorcery: A Divine Prediciton
by Wolfgang Riebe

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Sacred Sorcery: A Divine Prediciton by Wolfgang Riebe

Unlock the fascinating history of the magic wand with a captivating twist that appeals to both believers and skeptics alike. Ever faced skepticism from ardent believers questioning your tricks' origins? From the creative mind of Wolfgang Riebe, embrace a mind-bending prediction trick that seamlessly weaves together ancient history and modern entertainment.

Step into the realm of magic wands, from the miracles of Jesus to the staff of Moses, and even the Pope's sceptre. Our magician delves into the rich tapestry of wand lore, inviting the audience to scrutinise and verify every detail. With six revealing cards, each portraying a figure of power wielding their enchanted staff, the stage is set for an unforgettable demonstration.

Watch as a volunteer freely selects a number, their choice uninfluenced and entirely random. Yet, their chosen number unfailingly leads to a single card, foretold and laid bare from the beginning: Jesus wielding a wand, dating back to the 3rd/4th century.

This routine is not only a display of mentalism; it's a journey through history, challenging preconceptions while honouring diverse beliefs. With a narrative that transcends the supernatural, the performance entertains, educates, and sparks curiosity in audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.

From skeptics to zealous adherents, this presentation offers something for everyone. Whether religious or non-religious, this trick opens doors to endless possibilities, leaving a lasting impression and a deeper understanding of the magic wand's intriguing legacy, gently guiding ardent believers towards a more informed perspective and broaden their understanding of our art. Experience the magic that unites us all in wonder and discovery.

Receive a full video explanation, plus all artwork in PDF files for US Letter and A4 size to make up this trick on your own.

1st edition 2024, PDF 9 pages + video 24:44.