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Sarah Ella Phant (formerly Trustman)

mNumbers: As Easy As Pi by Sarah Ella Phant (formerly Trustman)mNumbers: Easy as Pi is the latest comprehensive work by world-renowned mnemonist Sarah Ella Phant. In this remarkable ebook, you'll learn two sure-fire methods to memorize numbers. It's an astounding feat that's so much easier than you may suspect.
"Sarah Ella Phant is the most entertaining Mnemonist the world has ever seen. This download gives you insight into how she became the leading performer in memory arts. Best of all, it's so easy, anyone can memorize pi ... it's what you do with it that sets you apart from all the others." - Dan Harlan

"With Sarah Ella Phant's guidance, you will not only...

2021 / 3 / 20

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Sarah Ella Phant (formerly Trustman)

The Amazingest Memory Test by Sarah Ella Phant (formerly Trustman)
"Sarah Trustman is more interesting than Netflix." - Dan Harlan

"Though I have only known Sarah Trustman for a few months, I have spent each week meeting with her along with a team of other creative performers, three times a week, for as long as three hours per session, ever since we met. Sarah has 'heart.' As a performer, teacher, or speaker, she is an excellent communicator - fearless, clever, quirky, and thoughtful, as well as truly committed to her own creative-self. It is now no surprise to me that she can amazingly bring those same gifts to the pages of this work that you now hold." - Alain...

2021 / 2 / 7

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