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Scott Edward Lane

Scott Edward Lane was born in LaGrange, Illinois, a suburb located near the outskirts of Chicago. He became obsessed with a deck of cards at a very early age and has studied the art of card manipulation over 22 years. As a young boy, Scott mastered many card handling methods and techniques for controlling the deck of cards. Scott’s studies and practice intensified as his abilities were nurtured and developed.

At an early age of 10, Scott moved to Littleton, Colorado, where he spent the next 13 years of his life. Throughout his primary education, Scott retained the desire to analyze and perfect the craft of card manipulation. After completing college, Scott traveled across the country working in the engineering field, specializing in computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. Throughout his travels, Scott continued his secret craft of card table artifice and devoted long hours to perfecting his abilities.

In late 1990, Scott decided to document many of the manipulation tactics and strategies he had mastered throughout the many years of his intensified practice and theory development.

By analyzing gambling card table manipulation from an engineer’s perspective, Scott gives a unique, strategic procedural analysis of the stratagems deployed by the gaming card sharp for favorably deviating the statistical probable odds.

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Scott Edward Lane
Gambling Card Sharps: How to Beat a Cheater by Scott Edward Lane

This is a highly sophisticated work on gambling and cheating with cards. The author, Scott Edward Lane, is not only an expert card handler but also an engineer by profession. You will find formulas, flow charts, and graphs which you will not usually find in similar books on this subject. In that sense it is a unique work written by an expert for experts.

This ebook details mnemonics as applied to card sharping, Lane System for Calculated Cuts, Utility Holding Positions, Impromptu Systems to Cull and Stock, Strategic Communications Management, Utilizing Secret Accomplices, Cull and Stock Error...

★★★★★ $24.95
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