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Searches are case insensitive. You can search for author names Author, product names Title or search in all records including author names, product titles, and product descriptions Search all.

  • Keywords are implicitely AND-ed together. That means the search engine looks for documents that have all the keywords.
  • To explicitely exclude a keyword add a - in front of it: -apple
  • For a boolean type search you can use AND, OR, and NOT to link keywords in different ways. Use parenthesis to group: (apple AND orange) OR (banana AND kiwi)
  • Wildcards: ? (any single character), * (arbitrary long sequence of characters including empty string). You can combine these wildcards in a single word such as te?t*. Let's say you only know the first initial of an author, but not his full first name. Then you could search like this P* Smith, and find all the authors with second name Smith whoes first name starts with a P.
  • To search for an exact phrase put the keywords in double quotes: "apples are good"
  • If you only want keywords in proximity to each other use SENTENCE: apples SENTENCE good
  • Another way to specify proximity is with NEAR/x where x is the number of words separating the keywords: apple NEAR/5 good