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Senor Torino

Senor Torino

(Teano, Italy: 23rd September 1908 - 30th January 1994)

Stage name of Anthony Thomas "Tony" Barbato since 1930. Moved to USA at age 3. Learned at age 10 from two 25¢ books: "Thurston on cards" and "Downs on coins". Around 1932 married Faye Barbato (born c1913) who then became his lifelong assistant. Pro card and coin close-up since c1933 as "Tony London" and "Tony Kardyro", adding stage magic dove act in 1940 as "Señor Torino, the Continental Deceptionist". In 1984 a stroke forced his retirement.

Invented the dove bag(1) and Flash Cig-O-Silk (1956). Wrote 15 books, including Your Deck—Your Card (1948, 20pp, edited by Harold Robinson), Dovetail Deceptions (1955, 26pp), and Kardyro's Kard Konjuring (1955, 34pp). Trick in Hugard's Magic Monthly. Autobiography is Magical Highway (1988).

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Senor Torino
Your Deck, Your Card by Senor Torino

Night club performer Tony Kardyro (Senor Torino) reveals his favorite card mysteries in this clever collection. Drawing heavily from eighteen years' experience in the night club and banquet field, Kardyro created these effects to fill modern day demands for magic, as well as professional demands of the performer. Some of the effects depend on well-known sleights that are within the capacity of any adept magician. These proven, audience-pleasing effects will prove that you're a master of mystery.

Two of the ten effects, Strange, Very Strange and Two Ace Change were called out by Walter B. Gibson as being...

★★★★ $6
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Senor Torino
Dovetail Deceptions by Senor Torino

Night club performer Senor Torino (Tony Kardyro) reveals his complete stage act in this photo-illustrated ebook. You'll find dove productions, vanishes, transformations and more. There's sure to be something here that you will use.

Audiences really sit up and take notice when live animals are involved in a magic act. Torino explains the inner workings of his nightclub routine, down to secret methods and insider tips to keep your props, wardrobe and birds in tip-top condition.

A working pro never goes onstage unprepared. The author includes his complete checklists and sequences for props,...

★★★★★ $4
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Senor Torino
Kardyro's Kard Konjuring by Senor Torino
  • T. K's Master Deal Supreme
  • T. K's Master Utility Sleight
  • The Peek
  • The Count
  • T. K's Kard Kontrol No. 1
  • T. K's Kard Kontrol Supreme
  • T. K's Master False-Cut Supreme
  • The T. K's One Card Drop Supreme Or The One Card Flip-Over Switch
  • T. K's Hole Card Switch Supreme
  • The Hindu Shuffle Throw-Off
  • Controlling A Selected Card
  • T. K's Hindu False Shuffle Or "The Slap Shuffle"
  • T. K's False Shuffle And Kard Kontrol
  • Using The Top Card As A Locator For The Selected Card
  • Controlling A Selected Card To The Bottom
  • T. K's Simplified Count Shuffle
  • T. K's Flip-Over Force No. 1
  • T. K's Hindu Shuffle...
★★★★★ $5
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)