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Sheldon Waldman

Sheldon Waldman

Sheldon or Shelly has been President of Assembly 49 of the Society of American Magicians in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, also known as the Paul Diamond Assembly. He has been interested in magic since early childhood starting with the usual Mysto Magic Set and progressing into a fine sleight of hand performer specializing in coin and card work. He was a pharmacist for a large drug chain in Florida.

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Sheldon Waldman
Underhanded Sorcery by Sheldon Waldman

This is number four of the Paul Diamond "Gems of Magic Book" series.

Being a treatise on sleight of hand and including a fabulous "Eye-popping opener".

  • Introduction
  • The Close-Up Change
  • The Flick Change
  • The Turn Down Change
  • Using The Table Changes The Double And Triple Transposition
  • Room At The Top (An Ambitious Card Routine)
  • An Eye Popping Opening Routine
  • The Revolving Color Change
  • Triple You Do As I Do (Impromptu)
  • The Dunbury Delusion Outdone
  • A Variation In Handling
  • The Excedrin Headache
  • The Instantaneous Steal
  • The 21st Stunner
  • The 22nd Stunner
  • Impromptu Psychometry
  • The Expansion...
★★★★★ $10
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