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by Jamie Daws
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Shipwrecked by Jamie Daws

Including "s.p.A.C.E.d" - featured in the May 2009 edition of Magic Magazine.

Bottoms up!
Effect: A joker is shown to the audience and placed face up on top of the deck. The cards are then spread and two cards are selected and signed. The selected cards are lost into the centre of the deck. The Joker is displayed on top of the deck and with a wave turns into the first signed card. With a flick, the first signed card turns into the second signed card! Then once placed into the spectator hand, the selection turns back into a joker. For your finale, you place the joker face up on top of the deck and with a snap of the wrist is vanishes. You spread the pack to show that now there are two face up jokers in the centre of the deck and they are sandwiching two face down cards. These face down cards are turned over to reveal the selected and signed cards.

Finer Shiner
Effect: A deck of cards are handed to the spectator and shuffled. The spectator takes out one card and hands the magician the deck. She then hands the face down card to the magician and it is then lost freely into the deck. The spectator is then invited to shuffle the deck more to prove the magician has no control over the deck. After everything being so fair, the magician manages to accurately reveal the selected card. This is then repeated with numerous cards.

Blinded Pendiction
Effect: The spectator is shown a normal deck of cards and is asked to select one. The card is remembered and lost into the deck. The cards are then mixed and held by the spectator. A sharpie marker is introduced and the spectator is asked if they can read what the marker says. They read “Sharpie, Permanent marker, Pine Point”. After you congratulate them, you hand them the pen and spread the deck on the table. You ask them to use the pen as a pointer and to stop on the back of any card they wish. They do so and you remove the card from the spread. The card is turned over but not shown to be there card. The spectators look confused and so do you. However, you explain the situation and tell them they have been hypnotized. The pen is waved in front of them and when it stops, the writing is seen to have changed to spell out there card! However, you explain the trick is not yet over. You tell them the card there thinking of was never in the deck and invite them to gather the cards from the table and search through them. However, they do not find the card. You then reach into your pocket and produce your wallet. From inside your wallet, you produce there selected card.

Lock Down
Effect: The magician takes a mobile phone and activates the four digit pin code that unlocks the phone. He locks the phone and allows the spectator to type in a four digit pin code and press the enter key. The phone does not unlock. The magician then proceeds to psychologically influence the spectator to pick the correct digits. One by one the spectator calls out a digit which is typed into the phone. Strangely enough, when the enter key is pressed, the phone allows access to the spectator! This is all done without the aid of any software or gadgetry. Completely impromptu!

Effect: The magician explains that magicians have one up on the spectator and that a magician can cheat and make someone pick certain cards. He then continues to explain how he isn’t a fan of this and how he likes everything to be as fair as possible. He hands four spectators an Ace each and asks them to stab the deck with there card and leave it protruding from the deck. This way the magician has no control over which card is under each ace and the selections are therefore fair. The magician then spreads the cards and switches each protruding ace for the card directly underneath each ace. The random selections are then taken out of the deck. However, when they are turned over, they are seen to be the four aces we began with!

Mental Flippancy
Effect: The magician takes a deck of cards from the card box and spreads them in front of himself. A card is selected by the spectator without the aid of forces. The magician turns his back while the card is shown around. The card is then lost back into the deck. This is done again with a second spectator without the magician ever seeing the cards. The magician hands the mixed deck tot he spectator and asks them both to focus on there cards. Within second the magician manages to name both cards with perfect accuracy. The magician then asks both spectators to imagine there cards turning face down in the deck. With a magical gesture, the cards are spread and two face up cards amongst a face down deck are seen. It’s the selected cards! They think they have seen it all, but then you reveal the best kicker ending of all, You turn the deck face up to show the cards are in perfect new deck order and the two selected cards are in the correct positions in the deck!

1st edition 2008; 27 pages.
word count: 5271 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text

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