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Sleights Supreme
by E. Brian MacCarthy

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Sleights Supreme by E. Brian MacCarthy
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Coin Section
    • Single-Handed Vanish of Four Coins: especially for use with the Hughes' Coin Tray
    • Disappearance by Misdirection: of a single coin
    • Flying Coins: coins are dropped into a folded handkerchief and vanish
  • Card Section
    • Something New in Top Changes
    • Leading Them up the Garden Path: using the Top Change
    • Everybody's Card: top change and dealing 2nds
    • All Change: Card A is placed on the table, Card B inserted to middle of deck. Card B is found on top of the deck, Card A in the middle, and the card on the table is a 3rd card
    • Vanishing Faces: cards appear to be double backed and then normal again
    • Reading Cards in the Crystal (with a Real Climax):
  • Handkerchief Section
    • The Colour-Sensitive Silk Handkerchief: silk changes colors multiple times; lots of handkerchief moves described here
  • Billiard-Ball Section
    • An Opening Acquitment: hands shown empty before production
    • Another Similar Acquitment
    • Routine for Colour-Changing One of Two Visible Balls: no shells
    • Routine for Colour-Changing One of Three Visible Balls
  • Cups and Balls Section
    • Throwing a Cup Into the Air: with a ball inside
    • Acquitment to Precede Production of the First Ball: showing the hands empty
    • Acquitment to Show Two Balls as One
    • A Subtle Method of Vanishing a Ball

1st edition 1948, 94 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 61 pages.
word count: 21158 which is equivalent to 84 standard pages of text