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Slurp (for resale)
by Mark Parker

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Slurp (for resale) by Mark Parker

The performer displays a small stack of cards showing an illustration of a glass full of red wine, the glass still has a price tag attached to its stem. A spectator is asked to sign their name/initials on the price tag for identity purposes. The performer takes the card and visibly squeezes wine from the card into a small glass. The card is now shown to the spectator but the glass is now empty...amazingly the price tag still has their signature written on it...a miracle.

The gimmick that allows you to squeeze wine from the card is very well made from aluminium and plastic and can be used for many other effects. It allows you to carry a small amount of liquid in your pockets without spilling. But when you need to dispense fluid you can do so easily. For example, one could perform with this gimmick the biblical effect of squeezing water from a stone. The gimmick is an idea by Jerry Sadowitz.

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