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Some New Magic
by J. F. Burrows

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Some New Magic by J. F. Burrows
  • Preface
  • The Vanishing Fan
  • The Fountain Of Fire
  • New Candle And Handkerchief Illusion
  • New And Novel Watch Manipulation
  • A New Impromptu Card Trick
  • New Handkerchief Illusion
  • Novel Transformation Of A Billiard Ball To A Bouquet
  • A New Vanish For Coins
  • A New Tub For The Production Of Live Stock
  • Soup Plate And Handkerchiefs
  • The Great Slate Mystery
  • An Improved Coin Holder
  • A New Card Trick
  • A New Coin Trick
  • Novel Change Of Handkerchief To Streamer
  • Sensational Flag Production
  • Anti-Gravity Ball
  • New Card And Bird Trick
  • Latest Omelette In Hat
  • Billiard Ball Manipulation
  • A Few Wrinkles
  • New Method For Loading Tambourine
  • Unpublished Methods For Hat Loading
    • The Clothes Brush
    • The Tray
    • Loading Coil Of Ribbon
  • Improvement In Rising Cards
  • Improvements In Pocket-To-Pocket Cards
  • Sensational Card Trick
  • New Handkerchief Vanisher
  • New Card Vanish
  • Billiard Ball Vanish
  • New Card Discovery
  • Water Transformed Into Confetti
  • Cannon Ball From Hat
  • Dida
  • Handcuff Manipulation Secrets
  • An Assortment Of Latest Novelties
    • Great Air Balloon Trick
    • The Marvellous Fairy Drum
    • Improved Target And Cage
    • The Marvellous Dove Tub Illusion
    • Novel Coin Ladder
    • Les Modes De Paris
1st edition 1904, 36 pages; PDF 41 pages.
word count: 18134 which is equivalent to 72 standard pages of text

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