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Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena

by William E. Robinson

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Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena by William E. Robinson

This work has the earliest known reference to a nail writer. It has an interesting section on appearing inks and covers in fascinating detail slates, ties, table lifting as well as a few other stage magic effects.

1st edition 1898; original 148 pages; PDF 80 pages.

  3. CHAPTER I. The Single Slate.
  4. - Inks that Appear through Heat.
  5. - Inks that Appear under the Influence of Light.
  6. - Inks Appearing through Reagents.
  7. CHAPTER II. The Double Slate.
  8. CHAPTER III. Miscellaneous Slate Tests.
  9. CHAPTER IV. Mind Reading and Kindred Phenomena.
  10. CHAPTER V. Table Lifting and Spirit Rapping.
  11. CHAPTER VI. Spiritualistic Ties.
  12. CHAPTER VII. Post Tests, Handcuffs, Collars, etc.
  13. CHAPTER VIII. Séances and Miscellaneous Spirit Tricks.
  14. CHAPTER IX. Miscellaneous Tricks. The "Magician's Omelette."
  15. - Spinning and Balancing Tricks.
  16. - The Blindfolded Juggler.
  17. - The "Surprise" Pen.
  18. - The "Miraculous Wineglasses."
  19. - The "Mysterious Vase."
  20. - The "Mermaid's Head."
  21. - "Card Cricket."
  22. - "Cupid Lighter than a Butterfly."

word count: 32571 which is equivalent to 130 standard pages of text
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