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Star Finder
by Chris Hare


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Star Finder by Chris Hare

Chris Hare presents two effects which when performed in sequence enables the performer to discover a complete stranger's Star Sign and birthday.

Star Finder is a clever technique for secretly discovering and revealing a complete stranger's Astrological Star Sign, without any prior knowledge whatsoever.

Using only six keywords and guiding someone through some simple mental imagery you will be able to correctly name someone's Astrological Star Sign, in a very short space of time. By using keywords it appears much less contrived than some other anagram based methods. Furthermore, the six keywords are very much in keeping with the horoscope presentation thus disguising any suggestion of a process of elimination.

It does not require any props or special gadgets. It can be performed anytime or anywhere in any type of performance environment. It can be performed as a close-up effect or in a theatre to a large audience.

As this clever technique only uses six keywords it does not take long to learn. You will be required to know the twelve signs of The Zodiac and know approximately at which time of the year each sign falls. For this reason included in the instructions is a very quick and effective way of familiarising yourself with this information.

Bonus: Birthday Number Finder

"Birthday Number Finder" is an effect, as the name suggests, whereby a performer secretly ascertains the number of the month of which a complete stranger's birthday falls (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 31st etc). Although this effect is powerful enough by itself, it makes the perfect follow up to Chris' other effect "Star Finder" (a different method for ascertaining someone's Astrological Star Sign). By combining the two effects you will be able to reveal someone's birthday without any prior knowledge whatsoever.

"Birthday Number Finder" can easily be presented using the same theme as outlined in the "Star Finder". It uses a small number of "Lucky Number Cards" which are not dissimilar from Bingo cards. The type of cards that are often found in newspapers. However, it can be performed as an effect simply by itself without the use of "Star Finder".

The "Birthday Number Finder" can be performed in under a minute. In fact, it can be performed impromptu with a little preparation (i.e. by jotting a few series of numbers with a pen on a piece of paper (such items that are commonly close to hand in most performing environments). Furthermore, it can even be performed verbally with no written preparation at all.

It can be implemented for a Numerology or Cold Reading and will springboard your reading with a high degree of accuracy from the outset.

The participant is not required to write anything down or asked to perform any calculations whatsoever.

Like "Star Finder", it can be performed at any time or anywhere whether as an intimate close-up effect or on stage to a large audience.

As practically everyone knows when their birthday is you will have limitless opportunities to perform this simple yet amazing effect over and over again. Based on a classic simple mathematical method.

1st edition 2012, 6 pages.
word count: 4162 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text