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Sticky Trip
by Matthew Leatherbarrow


(23 customer ratings) ★★★

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Sticky Trip by Matthew Leatherbarrow

Effect: The magic-man reaches into his pocket and removes one solitary playing card say for example, the Ace of Diamonds. Draw on the back of this playing card is a rudimentary stickman. The performer goes on to explain that "the stickman lives on this card, the Ace of Diamonds is his home", as this is explained the card is shown clearly on both sides. The performer then goes on to say "like all other people, Mr Stickman likes to go on holiday". With one quick shake the stickman drawing disappears from the back of the Ace of Diamonds which is then placed face-down on the table. The deck of cards is fanned face-up and the performer states "select a destination for Mr Stickman". Any card is then selected from the face-up deck and when the card is turned face-down the stickman image is seen to be drawn on its back. The performer then states "but Mr Stickman will always go home after his vacation" with this, the back of the selected card is rubbed against the face of the previously tabled Ace of Diamonds (home). When the cards are separated it is seen that the stickman has somehow magically travelled from the back of the selected card to the face of the Ace of Diamonds. The two cards may be thoroughly examined; finally the Ace of Diamonds with Mr Stickman is put back into the performer's pocket. The audience have indeed witnessed a sticky trip.

1st edition 2007, 2 pages.
word count: 977 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text

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