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Superflip and S.F.U.C.
by (Benny) Ben Harris

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Superflip and S.F.U.C. by (Benny) Ben Harris
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Imagine: You’ve just performed several stages in your “Ambitious Card” routine. For one final time you place the “magic card” in the middle of the deck. The deck is placed face-down in the middle of the table. You show your hands empty. With a snap of your fingers you gesture toward the deck. Now, by simply riffling upward gently on the tabled deck’s edges—and dribbling the cards back to the table—the signed selection instantly and visibly appears face-up, atop the deck!

You accept your well earned applause and feel cool that you’ve done this by mastering a simple and clever move, rather than having to fiddle with the faddish flap cards and rubbing springy gaffs that are so prevalent.

You simply used SUPER-FLIP.

This lovely concept was originally published in 1985 and it’s “Ambitious Card” application caught favor with the card world of the mid 1980’s. Since that time, the SFUC principle has grown making all sorts of effects possible with SUPER-FLIP. It is now possible to use the technique for:

  • Card Appearances
  • Card Vanishes
  • Visual Card Changes
  • Multiple Card Appearances (4 aces)
This 18 page PDF with clear illustrations teaches you the core handling so you can learn Super-Flip the correct way. Forget those kiddie-tutorials on YOUTUBE. They are all wrong. You can only learn the “real work” right here. So, throw away the silly gaffs and use your skills and any deck!

[Note: This move is a bit knacky. It might work for you the first time you try it, but I think most will need a good amount of practice to do it consistently, which of course is true for any sleight-of-hand techniques.]

1st edition 1985, 18 pages.
word count: 1820 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text