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by Sandeep


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Surp'Rise by Sandeep

Imagine borrowing a ring and causing it to rise all the way and stand by itself in your hand. Now imagine doing it without using any threads, magnets, elastics, rubber-bands and electronics. With Surp'Rise you can achieve this. You literally "Breath Life Into the Ring".

Here is What happens:

Borrow a ring and place it in your hand. Tell that you are going to breath life into it. Now blow on it and cause it to rise all the way until it stands.

Consider this:

  • No threads, magnets, rubbers, elastics or electronics
  • Everything is under your complete control.
  • Everything is examinable.
  • Hands are completely empty all the time.
  • Gimmick is very very simple and is very easy to handle.
  • You can customize it to different suitable objects.
  • It is extremely practical.
  • Do it anytime and anywhere.

1st edition 2017, length 5 min 53 s

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