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Synergium Wallet
by Unknown Mentalist

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Synergium Wallet by Unknown Mentalist

As an early bird offer, a special toolbox of physical gimmicks containing 11 "Killer Tools" worth $45 is included absolutely free.

A special early bird bonus of 9 impossible "Synergy" routines is included free.

Two extra surprise bonuses are also included, along with a massive PDF.

For example, in one of these routines, a participant never writes down her birthday and yet by using the peek function, the performer can divine her exact birthday.

In another of these routines, a participant thinks of a different color or shape each to represent his past, present and future. And secretly writes down only one of those colors or shapes. The performer is able to predict all 3 colors or shapes and their order accurately.

In yet another of these routines, a participant merely thinks of a place or a movie from a list of the top 100 places or movies on the internet. And the performer is able to exactly predict the participant's choice.

The Synergium Wallet is named as such because of the synergies between its various built-in functions. This synergy is what enables the performer to achieve what appears to be 2+3=9 or even more.

The Synergium Wallet size is very pocket-friendly. About 5.25 inches (13.5 cm) high and 3.25 inches (8.2 cm) wide when closed. And about 6.5 inches wide when opened. Made of high-quality leather with excellent workmanship.

The list of Synergium Wallet features is as follows.

  1. Peek Function x 2. One is a right-handed full billet/playing card peek and another is a left-handed full billet/playing card peek. Also, 2 business cards or 2 playing cards can be peeked simultaneously.
  2. Out to Lunch Function x 2 for business card-sized billets. One is a right-handed OTL function and another is a left-handed OTL function. Also, both OTL functions can be operated simultaneously.
  3. Business Card Index up to 8 outs or Folded Billet Index up to 16 outs. For business card-sized billets only.
  4. Emergency Business Card Switching feature
  5. Multiple Slots for Bank Cards
  6. Bills/Cash Compartment
  7. Place for Billets/Business cards
  8. Few packet tricks can also be carried
  9. Can be used both for Mentalism/Magic and Every Day Carry.

There is a reason for this low price. The wallet maker was unable to make just one or two wallets for the author and wanted a minimum order quantity. So, after selling a few in close mentalist circles, the remaining are put up here for sale to just recover the cost of that minimum order quantity. Once these are sold, they are gone for good.

UPDATE 1 - A 10th "Synergy" routine is now added to the already massive PDF. A participant thinks of a city from a Top 100 Cities list downloaded from the internet. But he never writes down the city name. And yet, using the peek function of the Synergy Wallet, you are able to correctly divine the thought of city. You can carry this list on your mobile phone if you want.

UPDATE 2 - An 11th "Synergy" routine is now added to the PDF. A participant merely thinks of a USA State where the performer has a show. The participant never writes down the State name and yet, using the peek function of the Synergium Wallet, the performer is able to reveal the USA State name.

1st edition 2024, PDF 87 pages + gimmick.

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