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T. G. Murphy

T. G. Murphy

At an early age, T.G. demonstrated exceptional skill at games of chance, particularly card games. In grade school he scourged the seniors, in high school he frequented the fraternities, in college he challenged the career businessmen, and in graduate school he gallivanted to the gaming tables of Las Vegas.

Learning from observing cheats in action, T.G. discovered and mastered the mechanics of the cardsharps as well as developed his own unrivaled style of shearing the sheep for slaughter. If provoked by being cheated, he believed it was open season, and could he ever lay a trap.

T.G. later decided that gambling and especially cheating were not in the cards. He believed that nerves of steel and the killer instinct were for the young and relentless. T.G. choose to convert back to magic. He bought and studied magic books and continued creating his own style of deception.

The two greatest factors of his formative years that were instilled in him were to create his oen repertoire of original sleights and to learn how to "unhandle" a deck of cards so that he would look like a novice.

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T. G. Murphy
Imagication (used) by T. G. Murphy

Hardcover with dust-jacket in like-new condition. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

2021 / 2 / 4

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T. G. Murphy
Imagication by T. G. Murphy

T.G. not only teaches tricks and flourishes in Imagication, but he also tried to teach how to create your own sleights and magic so that you will never again be dependent on others for your card work. It is taught throughout the book.

T.G.'s Mid-Air Triple Cut is fully explained in Imagication. This has become his trademark and a benchmark for others. Over the years, this flourish has become known by many different names. There are many ways to do this flourish improperly and only one way to do it correctly. In his next book, there will be many advancements taught with this flourish and...

2006 / 5 / 4

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)