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Teral Garrett
Psycho Gizmo by Teral Garrett

This magazine on mentalism ran from October 1951 until June 1965, for a total of 48 issues. This particular digital version has both the original first three numbers as well as the later reprinted first three numbers.

Psycho-Gizmo including Psycho
Psycho - 3 issues - (no dates - 1951?) - Albany, KY
Psycho-Gizmo (sometimes published simply as Psycho) - September 1951 - June 1965 - Albany, KY
Teral Garrett, editor and publisher

125 pages (page numbers refer to the pages in the PDF)

  1. Psycho - Number 1 - 4 pages
  2. Dr. Jaks' Simple Single Reading
  3. Silk Vision - Richard Weibel
  4. G. W. Hunter...
★★★★★ $15
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Teral Garrett
26 Living and Dead Tests by Teral Garrett

A collection of twenty-six of the best Living and Dead Tests. Indispensable to the mentalist and providing a wide variety of routines suitable for performance under every possible condition.

A well performed Living and Dead Test can create intense emotions. Please use these effects responsibly. Many of the effects described can be performed one-on-one, in an intimate close-up setting or for a large audience. Several ingenious methods are described. I find the one of method 26 the most clever one. It would sell like hot cakes as a single effect miracle on a DVD for $39.50. I was even tempted...

★★★★★ $10
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)