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That Other World
by Stuart Cumberland

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That Other World by Stuart Cumberland

A witty memoir-like debunking of all things paranormal.

Stuart Cumberland describes the fascination of European kings and queens with the occult. He gives a detailed analysis of how Rasputin participated in the fall of the Romanovs. He thoroughly skewers the German government of Wilhelm II. He describes the fake spirit photography, the false claims of clairvoyants, how folks fall for physical manifestations of the spirits such as table rappings. Overall a fun read and expose of human gullibility.

  • Chapter I: By Way Of Introduction
  • Chapter II: Monarchs And Mystics
  • Chapter III: Concerning "Spirit Forms"
  • Chapter IV: Physical Phenomena: Table Tapping, Spirit Rapping, Slate Writing, And Other More Or Less Noisy Forms Of "Spirit Manifestations"
  • Chapter V: The Claims And Chicaneries Of Clairvoyance
  • Chapter VI: Spirit Photography
  • Chapter VII: Trance And Transcript Mediums
  • Chapter VIII: Subjective Visions And False Sensorial Impressions
  • Chapter IX: The Possibilities And Impossibilities Of Thought Transference
  • Chapter X: The Unseen Hand In The Unseen World?
  • Chapter XI: Mystic Odds And Ends
  • Chapter XII: By Way Of Conclusion

1st edition 1918, 253 pages; PDF 123 pages.
word count: 61661 which is equivalent to 246 standard pages of text