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The 16.43 from Upminster
by Liam Montier

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The 16.43 from Upminster by Liam Montier

The 24 routines from the 2022 Kaymar Advent Calendar.

The Contender - A sure bet where you put £1000 on being able to read the spectator's mind - and you are right every time. With a kicker!

Coinkydink - A self-working 'Do As I Do' with two regular, shuffled decks.

Locked Room Mystery - a secret so baffling it needs to be kept under lock and key for the sanity of your spectators. They open it at their peril.

Make Your Own Luck - Fortune Telling meets 'The Signed Card' as a reading ends with the revelation of a signed card from an impossible place.

Off-Colour Hummer - A spectator freely names a suit, then freely mixes a four-of-a-kind under the table (or behind their back). Their freely named suit is the only one that ends up face-up - then turns out to have a different colour back.

Curry Favour - A killer prediction of three freely named cards from a deck, all predicted in advance under cover of a reading.

Pre-Emptive Prime - A presentational idea to demonstrate the next move by Amazon to get products to you before you even know you need them...

Marlo Mindreader - Use four blank cards, and a simple technique to reveal both where a spectator's word is written, and what it says, letter by letter.

Six Shooter - An updated handling of the 'Hot Rod Force' that has no spelling, and works for all numbers from One to Six.

Replacement Theory - A demonstration of observation reveals a thought-of card, Sherlock Holmes style!

Riffle Pass In The Night - Two selections are cleanly and fairly trapped between two pairs of Kings. A riffle later, and they have impossibly and cleanly transposed.

Let's Just Be Friends - A visual shocker where four Aces catch a Royal Flush, and visually pop back into the four Aces.

Day Planner - A self-referencing prediction where a spectator helps you choose the perfect day ... and it turns out to be the one you are already having, with them.

Cherry On Top - One card is genuinely chosen freely, and dropped onto any of four randomly formed piles. When it's turned up, it turns out to be the Queen of Hearts. "I knew it would be ... or this wouldn't have worked ..." Turning over the top cards of the other packets reveals the other three Queens. Super easy.

Chunky Monkey - A bunch of indifferent cards are sealed into unmarked, regular envelopes. A freely made selection that you never see then goes into another unmarked, regular envelope. A spectator shuffles them - you not only find the selection but name it too.

Trapper - Two 'Detective Cards' trap a bunch of 'suspects' - one turns out to be the selection, and the others are the 'usual suspects' ... the three mates.

Lock Up - A new presentation for the classic Keys to Baldpate that has no 'just chance' element. Strong, simple and direct mentalism.

The 512 - A bunch of cards are shuffled, dealt into three piles, and one selected from each - The Five of Clubs, the Ace of Spades and the Two of Clubs. The odds of choosing those ... 1 in 512. Then come the kickers.

The Duffie Exchange - The Ace of Spades is set face down on one face up packet, and the other three Aces are placed on a second. Astonishingly, the two packets change places.

Three Out of Tense - Find three selections in three different times - one in the Past, one in the Present, and one in the Future.

Stapled Stab - A new idea for the classic 'Stapled Card' where two jokers, stapled together, first 'stab' a selection, which ends up caught between them. Then, a crazy transposition happens ...

Rat Trap Cheddar - A totally new approach to a classic Aldo Colombini effect where a 'mouse' card is caught in a 'trap' (the card box). But not before it gets a bite of the cheese.

The Vers Shuffle - An Overhand Shuffle that retains the top and bottom stock - easy to do and practical.

The Square - The magician fooling four Ace production that Liam has kept secret for years!

1st edition 2022, PDF 88 pages.
word count: 21688 which is equivalent to 86 standard pages of text

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