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The Annals of Conjuring
by Sidney W. Clarke


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The Annals of Conjuring by Sidney W. Clarke

This is the first real history of magic in the English language. It first appeared in serialized from in The Magic Wand.

Sidney W. Clarke tells the story of magic from its earliest traces in recorded history, all the way to the celebrated masters of Robert-Houdin, Maskelyne, and the ones who followed them.

[Note: This edition was newly formatted for convenient reading and searching on mobile devices.]

1st digital edition 2013, 288 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ancient Conjuring
  3. The Mediaeval Jugglers
  4. The Jugglers’ Tricks
  5. Hocus Pocus
  6. The English Showmen
  7. Continental Conjurers In The XVIIIth Century
  8. The Decline Of Conjuring
  9. The Wizard Of The North And The Mechanical Conjurers
  10. Robert-Houdin
  11. From Robert-Houdin To Maskelyne
  12. Maskelyne And Cooke
  13. Conjurers Of Yesterday And Today
  14. Oriental Conjuring

word count: 134216 which is equivalent to 536 standard pages of text