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The Arthur A. Dailey Collection
by Arthur A. Dailey

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The Arthur A. Dailey Collection by Arthur A. Dailey

Arthur A. Dailey was an artist behind the camera. He shot photos of the American West from the early 1920s to the end of his life. In the late ‘60s, he branched into color and used it to depict the Western story. He was most intrigued, still, with the drama of horses churning up the dust as they ran freely in the hills and mountains and across the plains. In his search for perfection, Pete was known to return repeatedly week after week to a location until the light and action were just right for the image he sought. Unlike most photographers, he tripped his shutter only once for each composition, and almost every picture he took was a winner.

This ebook gives an overview of the almost 600 uncropped negatives recently discovered and cataloged. You will love the many shots of horses, cowboys, dust and shadows, capturing the dynamic life on a ranch and the magnificent beauty of the Wyoming landscape.

Many of Dailey's photos were exhibited nationally and internationally in photographic salons and many of them won prizes. These included places like Mexico City, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Montreal, Luxembourg, Sweden, Scotland, Chile, Poland, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and many more. Each photo is a work of art and beauty.

This collection also includes 76 color negatives of his daughter Mary T. Dailey who shows in her photos many of the qualities her father exhibited.

148 pages.
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