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The Bite
by José Prager


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The Bite by José Prager

The Bite is a very useful and subtle principle that allows you to mark billets or cards in a unique and exceedingly clever way. The cool part is that the marking is unknowingly done by the spectators themselves without them knowing what is going on. This is perfect because you can have your back turned to them or even be in another room while they are following your instructions.

This idea is not completely new, but pretty obscure and most likely you will be unfamiliar with it. It was first published by Bob Ostin in his 1974 living and dead test entitled 'Vampire'. Later, Tom Stone published a small variation on Bob's effect under the title 'Giudichar' in the Swedish lecture notes Coercri (1992). It was (more famously) seen again in Lee Earle's magazine Syzygy (1995).

The principle is very versatile. You can apply it for example to living and dead tests, psychological Russian roulettes, extrasensory perception, psychometry, muscle reading, bank night...your imagination is the limit!

This manuscript contains, six routines using The Bite principle, and two completely new ways of applying the principle.

1st edition 2011; 12 pages.
word count: 1931 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

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