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The Book of Card Tricks
by R. Kunard


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Book of Card Tricks by R. Kunard

From the preface:

In offering this collection of Card Tricks to the public it has been my endeavour to make every particular as clear as possible to the uninitiated. It will readily be granted that practical illustration must be vastly superior to the most carefully-written description of anything which, at the same time, requires both rapidity and neatness in execution; yet it appears to me that, if in the following pages I have been successful in making the most intricate trick clear in the manner of its manipulation, proper practice for the acquirement of ease and certainty will do the rest.

There are a number of tricks which I have purposely omitted, mostly on account of their transparency; but to make up for such deficiency I have introduced others of very considerable merit, and their successful performance cannot fail to draw from any audience an expression of marked satisfaction.

  • Preface
  • Chapter I. Introduction
  • Chapter II. Principles Of Sleight Of Hand
  • Chapter III. Tricks With Ordinary Cards, Not Requiring Sleight Of Hand
  • Chapter IV. Tricks With Ordinary Cards, Needing Calculation Or Confederacy
  • Chapter V. Tricks Requiring The Use Of Prepared Cards Or Sleight Of Hand
  • Chapter VI. Tricks Requiring Mechanical Cards, Or The Employment Of Special Apparatus
  • Chapter VII. Card-Sharpers’ Tricks

1st edition 1888, 184 pages; PDF 114 pages.
word count: 59958 which is equivalent to 239 standard pages of text