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The Book That Casts No Reflection
by Gregg Webb


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Book That Casts No Reflection by Gregg Webb

This is a compilation of magic newsletters by the same name that Gregg wrote, illustrated, and published in 2004 and 2005.


  • Foreword (Doug MacGeorge)
  • Table of Contents
Chapter 1: A Simplified Poker Deal
  • S.K.I.S.S.E.S.: Simplified Poker Deal
  • Retouches: Simplified Poker Deal
  • Key and Card: Idea for the Ghost Key
  • The Haunted Bookshelf: brief thoughts on the upcoming Juan Tamariz' Mnemonica book
Chapter 2: A Wild Card Trick - Coins
  • Wild Card Trick: Using Cartoons on Cards
  • Retouches: Adjusting Your Presentation
  • New 1 to 4: Coin Multiplication
  • Retouches: Coin Angles
  • Revisited Color Change as Card Vanish
  • Retouches: Signing Cards
  • Signed on Back: Selected Cards
  • Shoveling Water Uphill: About Magicism
Chapter 3: Signed on the Back
  • Signed on Back: Sudden Appearance of Signature
  • Jumping Jehosaphat: A Streamlined Jumping Gemini
  • Trimming the Fat: Using Your Best Tricks
  • Extree Extree: Upcoming Books
Chapter 4: All Night Card
  • The All Night Card: Using a Dupe Signature
  • Retouches: More About Signatures
  • Houdini's Key: Mentalism with a Key, Coin and Cards
  • Retractions, Corrections, Questions & Answers: Several Topics
  • Bonus #1: The Book That Can Be Read In a Mirror
  • Bonus #2: The 'A' Twist During the 'E' Count!
  • Bonus #3: Streamlined Even Farther
Chapter 5: A Meeting With Reginald Scott
  • Candlesticks and Balls from 1583: Revisited
  • An Idea That Fell Through: Egg Bags for Cups & Balls
  • Tent Style Rub Change: New Wrinkle for Cards
  • Rub-A-Dub Change and Cards
  • The Pressure Cooker: Gregg Webb's CD-ROM and More
  • Bonus #4: A True Lesson in Magic Thinking
  • Cards & Pendulum
Chapter 6: Coin Issue
  • Bee Bop Deluxe: Coin Lapping Trick
  • Retouches: Lapping
  • Skin Flick: A New Coin Vanish
  • Doug McKenzie's Outer Limits Coin Concealment
  • Another New 1 to 4: A Coin Production
  • The Fixit Shop: Controlling Selected Cards
  • Three Controversies: Issues with 3-Fly
  • The Haunted Bookshelf: New Books
Chapter 7: Double Lifts the Old-Fashioned Way
  • Using the Old-Fashioned Double-Lift
  • Doug's Dodge: A Bluff Shift Finesse (Doug Edwards)
  • Really Really Open: Rick Silverman's Twist to Open Travellers with Cards
  • Brian Higgins and Cards
  • Cull The Conqueror: Brian Higgins' Card Cull
  • A New Prop for Card in Lemon
Chapter 8: A Sponge Ball Animated Location
  • Sponge Ball Animated Location for Cards
  • Kenny Brown's Improvement for It's Alive!: Mentalism
  • A Tribute to Mike Bornstein
  • Corrections, Additions, Retractions, Apologies, etc
  • On Derren Brown: Thoughts About Mentalism
Chapter 9: ASSKISSES
  • ASSKISSES: An Even Simpler Poker Deal
  • Jonathan Hidalgo's Floating Card Box
  • Cheng Lin's Coin Vanish & Repro
  • About Cheng Lin and Jonathan Hidalgo
Chapter 10: Edwards, Hidalgo, Higgins, & Webb
  • Bug Off: Brian Higgins' Reanimation of a Dead Bug
  • 3 Lies + 1 Truth: Card Trick (Brian Higgins)
  • Inverted Spellbound: Coins (Janathan Hildalgo)
  • Gregg Webb on the Trick That Fooled Chanin
Chapter 11: A New Gimmick for the Tent Vanish
  • A New Gimmick for Tent Vanish: A Special Gimmicked Card
  • Gaffed Harry Potter-Style Wands
  • Eye Eye Captain: A New Paddle Trick
  • Fake Vernon Hand Wash: Card Idea (Doug Edwards)
  • The Future of Magic?
Chapter 12: Coin Paddle and New Ideas Issue
  • A New Coin and Paddle Trick
  • Diamond Chink-A-Chink: Using Bottlecaps
  • The End: Announcement of Gregg Webb's Upcoming Book
  • Bonus #5: From "The Book That Doesn't Exist...And More!"
  • Mental Thoughts: Causing A Seed To Germinate By Willing It!
  • Bonus #6: From "The Book That Doesn't Exist...And More!"
  • My Magic Card: A Selected Card Appears in a Case Held by Spectator
  • Bonus #7: From "The Book That Doesn't Exist...And More!"
  • Webb's "My Magic Card" Revisited: Selected Cards to Pocket and Case
  • Bonus #8: From "The Book That Doesn't Exist...And More!"
  • Metal-ism: A Spoon Bending Effect
  • The Book That Doesn't Exist...And More!: A Shameless Plug

1st edition 2004-2005, 124 pages.
word count: 36343 which is equivalent to 145 standard pages of text