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The Book Without Words
by Mihwonkuoy Refizul


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Book Without Words by Mihwonkuoy Refizul

The real secrets on how to become the greatest magician in the world. Dedicated to the discerning conjurors, the cheaters, the liars, and all other lost souls - whatever age, who want to impress, manipulate, and magish other people for profit, fun, or just entertainment.

Included is a very clever and creative book test, for all of you who require a strong effect to justify the purchase.

The truth is delivered as a satire, which makes it a fun read, but at the same time delivers a profoundly deep and true message.

  • About the Author
  • Part One
    • Introduction
    • The Basic Principles
    • The Three Pillars
    • Introduction
    • My Secret
    • The Three Pillars
    • Pillar Number One: The Soul
    • Pillar Number Two: Helplessness
    • Pillar Number Three: Business
  • Part Two
    • The Book Test
    • My Good Name
    • The Example: A Book Test
  • Part Three
    • About Magicians
    • How To Navigate The Magic Society
    • Promote The Biggest Lies
    • Be Likeable For The Other Sex
    • Lack Manners
    • Do Entertainment, Not Magic
    • Glorify Other People
    • Appear Important
    • Be Hungry For Fame
    • Join A Magic Club
    • Lie
    • Steal
    • Promote Copying and Rip-offs
    • Avoid Books
    • Digital Books
    • Cultivate The Underground
    • Guard The Empty Safe
    • Avoid Missing Out
    • Be Driven By Your Ego
    • Stick To Cliches And Old-fashioned Advice
    • Learn To Use Confusion
    • Collaborate With Dealers
    • Lack Historical Knowledge
    • Lack Discipline
    • Lack Respect For Creators
    • Conventions and Competitions
    • Final Words
1st edition 2019, PDF 64 pages.
word count: 19083 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text

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