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The Cosmic Connection / The Cosmic Deck
by Alec Pendle

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The Cosmic Connection / The Cosmic Deck by Alec Pendle


You show two packs of cards. One red and one blue backed. You ask a spectator to touch one of the packs. The pack is offered to the spectator and she is asked to put the pack of cards in a pocket. Taking the pack of cards with the blue backs you fan them face and back to show that the cards are normal. You shuffle the cards, cut and complete the cut. The cards are spread face down on the table and you ask a spectator to run his fingers backwards and forwards across the cards...using his hand rather like a pendulum. At any moment he chooses you ask him to touch the back of one of the cards. You take the card and place it face down on the table and remove the balance of the cards which are then replaced in the box. The spectator is then asked to look up today's date in the diary. November 5th for instance. Against that date there is a card and the card is...the Two of Hearts. The freely selected card is turned over and it is found to be...the Two of Hearts. You ask the same spectator to hand over the cards which they have been holding or which have been held safely in a pocket or handbag. You ask them to look up in the diary a date which has some particular significance to them. This done you ask them to call out the name of the card which is written alongside the date they selected. The King of Diamonds...Pick up the red pack of cards. Remove them from their case. Fan the cards to show the red backs. Turn over the pack and cut to the King of Diamonds which is placed face up on the table. When the card is turned over it is seen to have a blue back. The only blue backed card in the red back deck.

This is essentially a self-working effect. It does use R/S and other deceptions to allow this marvelous effect.

The Cosmic Connection was initially released as a two deck effect. Later a one deck version was created under the Cosmic Deck title. You will get both instructions. Note that you will not get any cards or diary to prepare this effect. But with these instructions you can prepare your own decks and present this effect if you get a diary, cards, and a R/S spray or stick.

1st edition 1981, 1st digital edition 2016, 12 pages.
word count: 5176 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text