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The Fairest Hands-Off Open Prediction
by Mike Kempner

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The Fairest Hands-Off Open Prediction by Mike Kempner

Would you like to control the physical actions of your spectator, and in the process make an impossible prediction? The beauty of this particular effect is that it is absolutely hands-off and 100% fair. The performer DOES NOT touch the cards once the effect begins. The performer only touches a card case once with the cards inside. Furthermore, the deck of cards can be borrowed. This truly is an astonishing display of skill, as you create a very special hands-off open prediction.

You provide (or ask a spectator to provide) 2 decks of cards, one blue and one red. They are both lying flat on a table. (Before you can perform the effect you need to prepare the decks. This means if you use borrowed decks you cannot immediately perform the effect.) You ask the spectator which one she wants to use. Let's say, she says blue. You take the red deck, take one card from it, and put it face-up on the table, let's say 7 of hearts (the spectator openly and fairly sees this). From this point on, the effect begins and you will NEVER touch any of the cards.

You ask the spectator to take the blue deck (all cards facing down in her hands), and deal each card one-by-one, face up on the table. You tell her that, at some point (whenever she feels like it, it is absolutely her choice!), she is to stop. She does. You ask her to put the remaining cards into the case. You explain to her that, at the very beginning, you placed one red card, face-up on the table. You point to that 7 of hearts, that she has been looking at all this time. You take the blue card case and drop the remaining cards from the case into her hand and ask her to deal down the next card, the very card that she freely stopped at. Amazingly, it turns out to be the 7 of hearts. She can continue dealing to show that if she had continued, she would have definitely ended up on a different card (and, of course, if she had ended earlier, she also would have definitely ended up on a different card). This is the fairest hands-off open prediction.

1st edition 2014, 2 pages.
word count: 898 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text