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The Gate Vol. 1

by Martin Adams

(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Gate Vol. 1 by Martin Adams

This ebook contains nine mentalism routines most of it completely impromptu. All the routines are audience tested and come from Martin's repertoire.

Living and Dead Test:
This is Martin's take on the classic plot. This effect is completely impromptu and not use any gimmicks at all. The spectator who thinks the dead person name is random and unknown by the performer. You are able to reveal the dead person’s name and as and additional kicker you know which spectator thought of that person. Perform this classic mentalism piece without any gimmicks whatsoever.

The Any Word Book Test:
Imagine a book test that uses any ordinary book and is able to involve 30-40 audience members! This routine is a complete 8-10 minutes stunning mentalism act.

X is a „spectator as a mindreader” type of routine where the spectator is able to reveal the country that the performer is thinking of. X uses no gimmicks at all just a pen and a paper.

Lotto is a stage routine that involves 5 spectators on stage. In this routine the performer predicts 5 freely selected numbers by the spectators. There is nothing written down and the prediction is in full view at the entire time and as an additional kicker you can reveal a joker number that was thought of by a 6th spectator.

Guess Who:
This routine is perfect for stage and close-up even for strolling. The performer holds a stack of photographs and invites three spectators to play an imaginary game of „Guess Who”. Three spectators take out one photograph each and thru that time the performer does not touch the stack of photographs at all. The performer is able to reveal all three selections in a mental game of „Guess Who”

  • There is nothing to memorize
  • No stacked deck
  • No Force

The Bold Peek:
The Bold Peek allows you to peek drawings, words, numbers, cards anything. Martin offer various routines even a black and red separation. The gimmick is the most ordinary object that nobody would suspect.

Make your choice!:
Make your choice is a mental game where the performer predicts and says out loud the outcome before the game begins. The spectators have as many choices as they wish and of course the prediction will be always correct. This routine fits in your pocket and is ready to go anywhere anytime!

Chocolate Roulette:
Chocolate Roulette is a pocket size russian roulette effect. The performer shows 6 pieces of chocolate to the audience and they select 5 from the six. The performer asks the spectators to open the chocolates and bite it. All the chocolates seem normal. The performer asks one of the spectator’s to carefully open the chocolate that remained on the table. When the performer opens the chocolate there is a sharp razorblade sticking out from the chocolate. This stunning mentalism classic fits in your pocket and you can perform it anywhere, anytime from close up to stage.

Serialistic is a three phase serial number divination routine that involves two spectators.

Zerg is a two phase mentalism card routine where the spectator is able to divine a freely selected card that is unseen by him.

1st edition 2011; 36 pages.
word count: 8949 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text

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