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The Hollow Bulb Effect
by Devin Knight

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The Hollow Bulb Effect by Devin Knight

These are instructions that came with Devin Knight's Hollow Bulb effect. They do not tell you how to make a hollow bulb. This PDF is for those who may have a hollow bulb and not know what to do with it. This information is for collectors, magic historians and magician's curious as to how the effects work.

You can do any of these effects if you have a hollow light bulb. Many magicians have these lying around in drawers and have no idea how to use them. Here are some of the effects you can do with a hollow bulb:


Turn off any ungimmicked lamp and unscrew the bulb. You can even use a borrowed light bulb in someone's home. Place the bulb in a paper bag. Vanish milk, salt or white silk. The bulb is taken from the bag and the bag shown empty. It appears something is inside the bulb. The magician rubs the bottom of the screw-in base and a HOLE APPEARS IN IT! Whatever was vanished (milk, salt or a white silk) is poured or pulled from the bulb leaving a CLEAR HOLLOW BULB that can be examined. See video demo of this by watching the video on this page.


Magician unfolds a small lunch bag and has it examined. A CLEAR light bulb is placed into the bag and the top of the bag twisted and given to a spectator to hold. Milk is vanished using any method you want. The bag is untwisted and the bulb is taken out. IT IS SEEN TO BE FULL OF MILK which is then poured out. No switch of the bulb. Both bulb and bag can be examined at the end.


Cause borrowed bills or chosen cards to appear inside of a hollow light bulb.
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