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Date: 12/24/2018

The Many Uses of The Shuber Plates

The Shuber Plates are a flexible accessory to protect your playing cards. Two stainless steal plates together with a special rubber band secure your cards regardless of if you want to protect one card or more than a regular deck of cards.

You can not only protect your cards, but you can also use the Shuber Plates to build a pocket card press. Take two large paper clips of the kind shown below.

paper clips

Clip one on each short end of the deck enclosed in the Shuber Plates. Then remove the wire handles from the clips.

pocket card press

The plates evenly distribute the clamping force of the clips, pressing the cards flat against each other and against the steal plates. You can also use just one clip and stand the deck upright on its short end.

pocket card press

Caring for your Shuber Plates

When you get your Shuber Plates check the edges. It can happen that the edges are a little bit sharper than you like. Sharp edges will also reduce the lifetime of your rubber bands. Take a file, polishing paper or steel wool and rub it against the edges until they feel the way you like them.

The plates themselves are very robust. You can use any stainless steel cleaner to make them shine as new. I personally like to have a little patina develop on mine. The rubber band will at some point fail. Rubber does age and will get brittle after a few years. And even earlier, depending on how you use and stretch them, they can break. We do sell replacement packs of five, but you can certainly use other bands or even clips as shown above.


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