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The Other Color Mystery
by Gerard Zitta

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The Other Color Mystery by Gerard Zitta

This is a hands-off and impromptu card effect.

This effect should be presented as a mental experience rather than a card trick. The patter could be around complementarity or duality. You can talk about Yin and Yang, Black and White, Heads and Tails, Male and Female, etc. At the end of your introduction, you explain that in a deck of cards, this is represented by the two colors RED and BLACK.

A Spectator shuffles the cards and cuts it in two piles. He thinks of a color RED or BLACK and counts secretly how many cards of this color are in his pile (for example 7), while your back is turned. He then takes the other pile and counts the cards of the opposite color until he reaches the card which falls at the same number (7 in this example). He remembers the card and reassembles the deck.

You turn back. The cards are spread on the table and you find the card just by asking the Participant to move his hand over the cards. You can also ask him to deal the cards either from the top or from the bottom and you stop him at the right card.

There is no way you can know the color, the value or the position of the card.

Key points:

  • Hands off.
  • The performer does NOT know the thought of color, the number or the card.
  • No memorisation.
  • Impromptu. The deck is shuffled by the spectator.
  • No stack.

1st edition 2013, 8 pages.
word count: 1846 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text