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The Parlor Magician
by Wiljalba Frikell

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The Parlor Magician by Wiljalba Frikell

100 tricks for the drawing room.

Containing an extensive and miscellaneous collection of conjuring and legerdemain; sleights with dice, dominoes, cards, ribbons, rings, fruit, coins, balls, handkerchiefs, etc. All of which may be performed in the parlor or drawing room. Without the aid of any apparatus; also embracing a choice variety of curious deceptions which may be performed with the aid of simple apparatus.

    • Preliminary Observation
    • Palming Coin
    • The Magic Coin
    • To Untie a Double Knot without Touching it
    • Knocking the Head against a Door
    • To bring Two separate Coins into One Hand
    • The Dancing Quarter
    • The Invisible Coin
    • The Magic Handkerchief
    • How to make a Coin stick against the Walk
    • The Knife in the Decanter
    • The Dancing Egg
    • The Disappearing Dime
    • The Melting Coin
    • The Quarter Eagle Coin in the Wine-Glass
    • The Balls passing under a Plate
    • The Coffee Cups
    • The Dice
    • The Blindfold Sorcerer
    • Blind-Man's Buff with Dominoes
    • The Domino Oracle
    • Dominoes seen and counted through all Obstacles
    • To Guess the two Ends of a Line of Dominoes
    • A Droll Drawing-Room Trick
    • The Needle and Thread Trick
    • The Thumb and String Trick
    • To Pull a String through your Button-Hole
    • To Cause a Dime to Appear in a Glass
    • The String and the Stick
    • How to Strike the Knuckles without Hurting Them
    • Deceptive Vision
    • The Magic Bond
    • To Swallow a Barber's Pole
    • The Hat and Quarter Trick
    • Conjuring a Ring
    • Magic Money
    • The Vanishing Dime
    • The String and Corals
    • The "Twenty Cent" Trick
    • The Book and Key Oracle
    • To make a Dime pass through a Table
    • The Restored Ribbon
    • To remove a Key from a Double String which is held in a Person's two Hands, without his being able to Prevent it
    • To eat a Peck of Paper Shavings, and convert them into a Ribbon
    • To make a Dime Vanish
    • The Wonderful Hat
    • The Magnetized Cane
    • An amusing Trick for the Drawing-Room, and a good Subject for a Wager
    • To Lift Three Matches with One
    • The Old Man and his Chair
    • The Interlaced Fingers
    • The Confederate Coin
    • The Disentangled Scissors
    • How to Drop a Tumbler on the Floor without Breaking it
    • The String and Nose Trick
    • The Magical Knot
    • The Dagger Sleight, or how to make Three Wafers vanish and reappear again
    • The Mysterious Release
    • The Separated Corks
    • The Ribbon Released
    • The Handcuffs
    • The Vanished Pencil
    • How to Pass a Thread through the Eye of a Needle several times
    • Post and String Trick
    • The Pirate and the Yankee Sailors, a Nautical Trick
    • The Thumb-String
    • The Magical Metamorphosis
    • The Double Half-Hitch Trick
    • The Pepper-box Trick
    • The Celebrated "Nut Trick"
    • The Bag of Eggs
    • A Handkerchief Marked, Cut, Torn, and Mended
    • A Watch Pounded in a Mortar
    • The Box of Eggs or Balls
    • The Boomerang
    • An old Style Quarter changed into a Cent, and vice versa
    • To Pierce the Arm with a Knife, without injuring One's self
    • Magic Boxes
    • The Boxes of Millet
    • The Manner of making a Ring change Hands, and pass on to any Finger you please of the opposite Hand
    • A Pass Trick with a Die and Counters
    • To pass Six Cents through a Table
    • Mysterious Coin, or how to make Cents Pass through a Wine Glass, a China Plate, a Table, and Fall into the Hand
    • The Glass of Claret Changed into a Shower of Rose Leaves
    • The Cone, or Skittle
    • Pile or Cone: A much more Amusing Game than that of Heads or Tails
    • The Magic Salver
    • How Two and Two Make Eight
    • To Change a Dime to a Quarter
    • The Ring and the Handkerchief
    • The Miniature Taglioni
    • The Pigeon's Nest
    • The Inseparable Sticks; or, the Cut Strings Restored
    • The Feather Trick Explained
    • To make a String Appear Black and White Alternately
    • To Pass a Quarter into a Ball of Worsted
    • Eatable Candle-Ends
    • The Burned Handkerchief Restored
    • The Magic Cups
    • The Wizard's Chain
    • The Goldfish in a Vase of Ink

1st edition 1860, 126 pages; PDF 82 pages.
word count: 31726 which is equivalent to 126 standard pages of text

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