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The Real New London Conjuror or the Art of Legerdemain
by unknown

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The Real New London Conjuror or the Art of Legerdemain by unknown

Showing the various ways of performing tricks by sleight-of-hand on dice, cards, etc., together with many surprising deceptions.

  • To change a Box of Bird Seed into a living Bird
  • To thrust a Bodkin into your Forehead without any hurt
  • Breslaw's grand Deception of the little learned Swan
  • The mode of shewing the Hen and Egg Bag, and out of an empty Bag to bring upwards of an Hundred Eggs, and afterwards a live Hen
  • How to seem to change a Card into a King or Queen
  • Card burnt, and afterwards found in a Watch
  • A curious trick played with a Fowl
  • How to eat Fire, and blow it up in your Mouth with a pair of Bellows
  • How to deliver Four Aces, and to convert them into Four Knaves
  • How to blow a Sixpence out of another Man's Hand 9
  • The Mystery of the Invisible Girl
  • How to tell, without confederacy, what Card one thought of
  • How to make a Card jump out of the Pack, and run on the Table
  • To make any two Cards come together which any Person shall name
  • To command a Sixpence out of a Box
  • To tell the number of Spots on the bottom Cards laid down in several Heaps
  • To shew one what Card he taketh Notice of
  • Secret Writing produced by means of Cyphers
  • The Artificial Bird, which sings when the Company desires it
  • A Ring put into a Pistol, which is afterwards discovered in the Bill of a Dove in a Box, that has before been examined by the Company
  • How to direct a Swarm of Bees at Pleasure
  • Imitative Illuminations
  • To pull any Person's Shirt off without undressing him, or having occasion for a Confederate
  • How to let twenty different Persons draw as many Cards, and to make one Card every Person's Card
  • How to cure the Tooth-Ache
  • The manner of making Water freeze by the Fire-side
  • To take a Bird out of a Cage, and make it seem as if dead, or to roll it about as you please
  • To draw a Cord through your Nose
  • An excellent Way to produce Laughter
  • To make a Room seem all on Fire, mighty dreadful to behold
  • To make a Knife leap out of a Pot
  • How to kill any Fowl, but especially a pullet, and with words to give it life again
  • Of Metallic Vegetation
  • Arbor Martis, or Tree of Mars
  • The Chinese Shadows. Ombres Chinioses
  • Fulminating Gold
  • To melt a piece of Steel as if it were Lead, without requiring a very great Fire
  • Method of Engraving in Relief, on the Shell of a new laid Egg
  • How to make the Constable catch the Knave
  • How to tell one what Card he thought of
  • How to let a Gentleman hold ten pieces of Money in his Hand, and to Command them into what number he can think of
  • How to make sport with an Egg
  • The philosophical Candle
  • To make a Flash like that of Lightning, appear in a Room, when any one enters it with a lighted Candle
  • Tracing Ink
  • How to take a Shilling out of a Handkerchief
  • How to cause the Beer you drink to seem to be wrung out of the handle of your Knife
  • How to tell one what Card he seeth at the bottom, when the Card is shuffled in the Pack
  • Another way, having yourself never seen the Cards
  • Paper which when written on, the Characters shall be Invisible
  • Method of employing the above kind of Paper for tracing out with great ease all sorts of Figures
  • The mysterious Dial-plate, or the prudent Secretary
  • Writing in Cyphers, which appears to be a piece of Music
  • To tell or name all the Cards in the Pack, and yet never see them

1st edition 1870, 36 pages; PDF 25 pages.
word count: 12657 which is equivalent to 50 standard pages of text