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The Reformed Gambler

by Jonathan H. Green

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The Reformed Gambler by Jonathan H. Green

This book is one of the classic books in gambling. It is an autobiography and describes Jonathan Green's conversion from a gambler to an exposer and teacher.

Among others it exposes: game of thimbles; diamond cut diamond, or the gentleman's game; Dead open and shut; church gambling; five aces beaten; lotteries; post office game; pound cake, or ring game; the preacher and the gambler; grab loo.

It commences by showing how he became a gambler - why he resolved to reform - destruction of his gambling instruments - he makes restitution - the question of reformation - his conversion - unites with the methodist church - his determination to lecture the rest of his life throughout the United States, and expose the tricks of gamblers, together with a full autobiography of his life up to the present time. beautifully embellished with illustrative engravings.

1st edition, 1858, Pennsylvania; 259 pages.

  1. CHAPTER I: How I became a Gambler - The Question of Reformation - Scene on board a Mississippi Steamer - A Game of "Old Sledge" broken up - Preaching on board by Rev. George Light - Arrive at Cincinnati - Burn my Cards and Gambling Implements - Employ a Teacher - Visit a Methodist Camp Meeting - Become a Probationary Member of the Methodist Episcopal Church Make Restitution, so far as in my power, of the Property I had made by Gambling - A Philanthropist Furnishes me with Necessary Means of going to School - A Term in the Augusta College - Write the "Arts and Miseries of Gambling" - The Excitement it Produces - Life Threatened by Captain John Howard, the Notorious River Robber
  2. CHAPTER II: Resolve to Reform - Destroy my Gambling Implements - Make Restitution - Unite with the Methodist Episcopal Church - Determine to Lecture and Expose the Tricks of Gamblers - Call a Meeting in Cincinnati - Lecture in Baltimore, Washington City, New York and Boston, and Organize Anti-Gambling Societies - Visit Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Cazenovia, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit - Address a Large Assembly in the Public Street - Lecture in Dayton and Return to Ohio
  3. CHAPTER III: Return to Cincinnati - Persecution Commenced - Arrested for Debt - Swindled - Lecture in Cincinnati, Maysville, Kentucky - Columbus, O. - Secure the Passage of an Anti-Gambling Law for Ohio - Gamblers greatly Excited - Life Threatened - The Gamblers demand my Body of the Landlord - In Debt - The Ladies come to my Rescue - Publicly Present me with Bible and Hymn Book, and give me a Benefit - Further assisted by Hon. Mr. Pertkins - Return to Cincinnati - Presented with a Gold Medal - Visit Lawrenceburg and marry Miss Bullock - Visit Eastern part of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia - The Baker Family - Visit Indiannapolis and St. Louis - Difficulty with Editor of "Reveille" - Return to my Family at Lawrenceburg
  4. CHAPTER IV: Visit Harrisburgh, Pa. - Secure the Passage of an Anti-Gambling Law - My Property Destroyed by Fire - Generosity of the Citizens - Visit Philadelphia - Presented with a Silver Goblet - Visit Washington City, Richmond, Va., Petersburgh, Va. - Gambling in Petersburgh - Good men Ruined - Efforts to Suppress Gaming by R. R. Collier, Esq. - Visit Lynchburgh, Va. Perilous Adventure on the Road to the Sulphur Springs - Break up the Gaming at the Springs - Return to Cincinnati - Visit Frankfort, Ky. - Secure the Passage of an Anti-Gambling Law - Visit the Eastern States - Visit Washington, D. C., Newport, R. I., Fall River, Mass., New York, New Haven, Ct., Bridgeport, Ct., Binghamton, N. Y. - Return to New Haven, where I Locate Permanently
  5. CHAPTER V: A Digression - Publication of "Green's National Guard" - Form the acquaintance of Dr. D. Francis Bacon - My Association with him and his Paper Move to New Haven - Reform Party Organized - The War upon the Gamblers, Rum Shops and Dance Houses Commenced - Billiard Tables Seized Stolen and sent to New York - Ransom and Upsom Arrested - Their Trials before Justice Bennett - Eloquent Speech of the Rummies' Counsel - Final Defeat of the Reform Party
  6. CHAPTER VI: East Rock - Murder of the Smith Family - Discovery of their Bodie - Prompt Action of the Authorities, and Vigilance of the Police - McCaffrey the Suspected Murderer - Pursue to Canada - Use my own Funds - Send to Mayor Peck for money to Prosecute my Search - The Money Refused Enlist the Sympathy and Services of a Noble - Hearted Canadian - Out of Funds - Supplied by a Generous Citizen of New Haven - Return Home - McCaffrey Caught, Tried, Convicted, and Sentenced to Death
  7. CHAPTER VII: My Sojourn in Washington City - Pause to Procure an Office under the General Government - W. W. Wick - Receive an Appointment as a Secret Agent for the Treasury Department - Visit Fall River - Become Acquainted with Silas W. Spaulding - Business Arrangements with him Deceives me - His Baseness and Hypocrisy - Resolve to Return to Canada in Pursuit of McCaffrey - Visit Albany - Efforts in Behalf of an Anti - Gambling Law for New York - Arrested by A. M. C. Smith - Taken to the New York City Prison - Life in the Tombs - Examined and Acquitted - Return to New Haven - Kindness of the Citizens, &c
  8. CHAPTER VIII: Arrests and Trials
  9. CHAPTER IX: The Defaulter
  10. CHAPTER X: The Gambler's Cabin
  11. CHAPTER XI: The Game of Thimbles; Dr. Bennett, the King Thimble Player - The Young Man with two such Piercing Eyes - Best Two in Three
  12. CHAPTER XII: The Preacher and the Gambler, a True Scene on Board a South-Western Steamer
  13. CHAPTER XIII: The Man of the Mountains; or Hypochondrias Cured
  14. CHAPTER XIV: Patch Coat; The Gentleman's Game; or Diamond cut Diamond
  15. CHAPTER XV: Dead Open and Shut; or the Way they Play in Arkansas
  16. CHAPTER XVI: The Saw Mill; or the Honest Man Ensnared
  17. CHAPTER XVII: A Youth Victimized by Gambling
  18. CHAPTER XVIII: Church Gambling; Lotteries—Post Office Game - Pound Cake or Ring Game - Grab Loo - Fast Driving on the Lord's Day - Church Fairs, &c
  19. CHAPTER XIX: Captain John Howard - Steamer Smelter - Captain Harris and H. Roberts Strange Conduct Satisfactorily Explained - Five Aces Beaten - Spurlock, the great Western Bogus Maker, in the Character of a Horse Drover - Defeat of Captain John Howard, the Notorious River Robber, and his Clan. Roberts' Ironical Remark

word count: 97890 which is equivalent to 391 standard pages of text

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