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The Salem Seer
by George C. Bartlett

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The Salem Seer by George C. Bartlett

Reminiscences of Charles H. Foster who some consider the most gifted and remarkable spiritual medium since Emanuel Swedenborg. This account gives facts and descriptions of many seances held in different parts of the world.

This is a fascinating account of Charles H. Foster's story - a medium who exhibited mostly skin writing (dermography) and pellet reading. When Foster visited England in 1861 materialization phenomena were added to his performances.

Foster enjoyed drinking alcohol and smoking cigars in barrooms with his companions as much as he did transmitting messages from the dead. His biographer, Bartlett, summarizes his observations of Foster: "He was extravagantly dual. He was not only Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but he represented half-a-dozen different Jekylls and Hydes ... He was an unbalanced genius, and at times, I should say, insane ... He wore out many of his friends. He seemed impervious to the opinions of others, and apparently yielded to every desire."

Foster died an alcoholic who spent the last years of his life in an insane asylum.

1st edition 1891, 157 pages; PDF 103 pages.
word count: 54672 which is equivalent to 218 standard pages of text

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