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The Sign of Exceptional Magic
by Charles Thorton Jordan

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The Sign of Exceptional Magic by Charles Thorton Jordan

This periodical was released by Ted Annemann. The plan was to publish some 350 original tricks by Charles T. Jordan that Jordan had released earlier either as single tricks or in booklets. Here is Annemann in his own words:

With this issue starts a series of magical secrets conceived by that genius of subtle sorcery, Mr. Charles T. Jordan. In years to come, the completed set will prove to be a bonanza of information second to none in the annals of magical literature. Its hundreds of practical-plus conceptions will ever be turned to, and the time will never come when a study of its pages will not disclose inspirational ideas to a practical performer.

And so, with an eulogy which at its best could be only half the deserved praise, I present to you the Charles T. Jordan Series of Magical Effects.

However, the project ended abruptly after issue 6 and 39 published tricks.

  • the Dollar And The Sucker
  • The Hourglass Card Trick
  • The Lemon And Potato Trick
  • The Master Riddle
  • Cagliostro's Vision
  • The Keystone Card Discovery
  • Two Letters That Tell Their Own Story
  • Etad - Ot - Pu
  • The Dream
  • The Bewitched Aces
  • The New False Cut
  • Weirdo!
  • The Acme Ring Release
  • Pipes!!
  • The Incomprehensible Destroyed Card
  • The 9-In-10 Detection
  • The Perennial Aces
  • The Painless Needle Trick
  • Quadruple Concentration
  • A Word To The Wise
  • The Quadruple Deck Mystery
  • Divino
  • The Negligee Coin Vanish
  • Cremo!
  • The Sagacious Joker
  • The 1923 Card And Handkerchief Trick
  • A Complete "Silent Thought Transmission" Act
  • Mephisto's Prediction
  • The Sequel
  • The Psychic Ring Release
  • The Impenetrable Stop Trick
  • The Monarch Card And Pocket Mystery
  • The Inseparable Aces
  • The Ready Reckoner
  • The Pair Detection
  • The Dead Easy Location
  • The Nifty Key
  • The Monarch Card And Pocket Mystery
  • Mind Over Matter
  • The Poker Chip Release

1st edition 1935, PDF 63 pages.
word count: 24373 which is equivalent to 97 standard pages of text