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The Sphinx Volume 20 (Mar 1921 - Feb 1922)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 20 (Mar 1921 - Feb 1922) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19211
C. Alexander Bio3
Music For Magic Clinton Burgess3
Ideas And Items By George Schulte3
The World Of Magic4
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien4
- Golden Gate S.A.M. Frank Vignola4
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl Lockman5
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson5
- Detroit S.A.M. V.H. Seewald5
- Chicago Notes George DeLawrence6
- Notes From Crafty Canton, Ohio Shrimplin6
- R.I. Society Of Magicians C. Foster Fenner7
- James Kater Route7
- Mystic Hanson Trio Route7
- Demons' Club Of Baltimore Robt. W. Test7
- Doings Of The Magician's Club Of Boston H.C. Kleeman8
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard8
- Omaha Magicians Floyd E. Brown8
- Central City Society Of Magicians Omar Yama8
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling W.Va. Paul R. Semple9
- Cincinnati Magician's Club Andrew H. Berding9
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians Harry A. Weitzel9
- Notes From Newark, N.J. James McKnight9
- Did You Ever Know That- Dorny9
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans10
Jiffy Jottings Just Jazziloy Juggled By Dorny11
Snap Shots By Schulte11
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon12
- To Palm A Coin12
- To Pass A Coin Invisivly From One Hand To Another12
- The Russian Ring Trick12
- The Traveling Cone And Ball12
A Visit With Mr. Harry Kellar By H. Syril Dusenbery13
Manipulative Magic By Walter Gibson14
Ostagazuzulum By William J. Hilliar15
- Something To Worry About15
- If Cox Had Be Elected-?15
- Rule Britannia!15
- Fashion Note15
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt16
- A Card Mystery By T.C. Bonney16
- Some Patter Suggestions By T.C. Bonney16
- Torn And Restored Napkin16
Multiplying Billiard Balls By Alphrose16
A Practical Programme By Len J. Sewell17
The Phantom Ball17
By The Way17
A Simple Card Trick By H. Syril Dusenbery17
The Flag And Worsted Ball By Len J. Sewell18
A Method For Obtaining Knowledge Of Written And Sealed Question In Full View Of The Audience By V.D. Barbour18
A Handkerchief Fake By L. Kronquist19
A Few Ideas For Easter William Larsen, Jr.19
Chalk Talks By Sailor Chris20
A Variation Of The Card Frame For Stage Work By Carroll LeVal20
Magical Trick Of The Disappearing Block By Jack Knieff20
The Twentieth Century Flag Trick By Dave Borduin20
The Moving Picture Camera Pictures (?) By Raymond F. Amuso21
Say This Aint Nothin' Cartoon21
Editorial Page22
- Editorial23
A Trick Table By William Larsen, Jr.24
Cards Versus Coins By The Farberlands24
The Brownie's Egg And Bran Feat By Ouija24
The Young Lady Across The Street Mixes Love And Magic By Charles R. Brush25
The Passing Of David Eugene Etifft25
A Novelty Magical Monologue By Raumond F. Amuso25
A Simple Card Detection By H. Syril Dusenbery25

NO. 2: APRIL 192145
Our Litany By William J. Hilliar47
A Color Changing Wringer By Edward C. Conklin47
The World Of Magic48
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien48
- Chicago S.A.M.48
- Philadelphia S.A.M.48
- Pittsburgh Prestidigitorials Baffles49
- Notes From Canton, Ohio Shrimplin49
- Notes From Newark, N.J. James McKnight49
- Omaha Magical Society Floyd E. Brown49
- Chicago Notes George DeLawrence50
- Magician's Club Of Boston H.C. Kleemann50
- Toledo Magician's Club V.D. Barbour51
- Cincinnati Magician's Club Andrew H. Berding51
- Houston Happenings Frederick F. Furman51
- Notes From Indianapolis Raymond F. Amuso51
- Spotlights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard52
- Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson52
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling W. Va. Paul R. Semple52
- Wizard's Club Of New York Maurice Bliss52
- Magically Speaking By George Schulte53
- Magician's Movements By Dorny53
- Magic News From New York54
- Vancouver Society Of Magicians54
- Australian Society Of Magicians J.R. Buck54
- British Magical Society J.C. Frisby55
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans56
Color Change For Billiard Ball By Magnus57
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt58
- Timely Tips By Dr. T.C. Bonney58
A Melange Of Colors By William Larsen, Jr.58
One From Three Leaves Two By C.V. Patterson58
White Lightning By Alphrose58
Bet Your Egg Bag And Try This By Paul R. Semple58
Sight Unseen By Paul R. Semple59
Just Four Aces By Ivanhoe Trudel59
By The Way59
Patter For Wine And Water Trick By Raymond F. Amuso59
Clinton Burgess's Creed59
Simplex Four-Ball Production And Vanish By Clinton Burgess60
Use For Phantom Tube By Edw. Conklin61
Combination Fire, Bowl And Flower Trick By Dave Borduin61
Billiard Ball Trick By Dave Borduin61
Thimble Penetration William Larsen, Jr.61
The Billiardist's Dream By Raymond F. Amuso62
Necromantic Nonsense By GuDere62
Something To Nag Him About62
A Magical Riot By Charles R. Brush63
The Sucker Raising Cards Coryn & Amuso63
Thought Transference By Saman R. Ellison63
- Thought Continued64
Prof. DeBille Cartoon65
Editorial Page66
Ostagazuzulum By William J. Hilliar67
- Detecting The Sex Detector67
Baffles Go Between Ball Stunt By Charles R. Brush67
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon68
- Davenport Brothers68
- The Yarn Telegraph68
- A Canary Risking The Hazard Of The Die69
Cigarettes And Confetti69
The Knitting Bag's Flowers By Raymond F. Amuso69
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson70
Loading Hat From Front Of Table By Magnus71
Jewel Puzzle Solution-Page 302, Vol. 19 By Magnus71
To Cause Spirit Manifestation Although Being Tied To A Chair Behind A Screen, Or Seated At A Table In The Dark By V.D. Barbour72
The Dawn Of Spring By William Larsen, Jr.72
Comedy Bits And Tips By Raymond F. Amuso72
The Visible Vanishing Monarch Eugene L. Bulson73
Boob McNutt's Magical Society By Himself73
Jack-In-The-Boxes By Raymond F. Amuso73
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans74
A Spirit Cabinet Cartoon75
Torn And Restored Tissue Paper By Raymond F. Amuso76
The Hewitt Magical Hypnotic Card Trick By Magnus76

NO. 3: MAY 192189
Arthur H. Buckley (?)91
Do You Remember When- By Dorny91
The C.O. Williams Card Discovery Cardiff, England91
The World Of Magic C. Foster Fenner92
- R.I. Society Of Magicians92
- Notes From New York City E.W. Applegit92
- Chicago Chatter By George Schulte93
- Golden Gate S.A.M. Frank Vignola93
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl A. Lockman93
- Houston Happenings Frederick F. Furman93
- Syracuse Notes C. Roswell Glover94
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard94
- The Demons Of Baltimore Robert W. Test94
- Magic News From New York94
- Magicians' Club Of Boston95
- Side Lights From Spokane E.V. Klein95
- Glasgow Society Of Magicians De Vega95
- There Is One More Jack Bokenfohr96
- Omaha Magical Society Floyd E. Brown96
- Pittsburgh Prestidigitorials By Baffles96
- Detroit S.A.M. V.H. Seewald96
- Mysteries Of India Programme96
- Chicago Notes S.A.M. George DeLawrence97
- New Club R. Leighton Rutledge97
- Magical Hash-Everything Dorny97
- Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson98
A Stunt With Chalk By Sailor Artist Chris99
Jumping Hat Prof. Robert Gifford99
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans100
Baffles Egg Bag By Charles R. Brush101
Comedy Write-Ups By A. Rube Augustus Rapp101
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon101
- The Tantalizing Tin Tube101
Spirits? By The Farberlands102
The Enchanted Organ Pipes By A Rose103
Egg Bag Patter103
Silk-Egg By William Larsen, Jr.103
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt104
- The Master Rings By William Larsen, Jr.104
The Flying Silk By Geoffrey A. Mottsmith104
On Color Changes By M.T. Coogan105
Another Ace Trick By Arthur J. Moose105
The Mystery Card By William Larsen, Jr.105
By The Way105
Credit To Whom Credit Is Due Charles C. Le Bey105
Editorial Page106
Hints On Palming Solid Objects By Clinton Burgess107
Ostagazuzulum By William J. Hilliar108
The Hewitt Magical Hypnotic Card Trick By Mangus109
Do You Remember When- By Dorny109
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson110
Uncle Feelix111
Production Table By Robert R. Rettew112

NO. 4: JUNE 1921125
W.F. Dornfeld - Dorny Bio127
Bad For The Rabbit127
An Illusive Metamorphosis By Dr. E.G. Ervin127
Necromantic Notes By George Schulte127
The World Of Magic128
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien128
- S.A.M. Banquet Clinton Burgess129
- Banquet Continued130
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery131
- Philadelphia S.A.M. S.O. Paul131
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl Lockman131
- N.C.A. Clinton Burgess132
- N.C.A. Entertainment133
- Chicago Notes Geo. DeLawrence134
- Canton Conjurations Shrimplin134
- Toledo Magician's Club V.D. Barbour134
- Rocky Mountain Notes Charles Neil Smith134
- Demons Club Of Baltimore Magicians Thos. C. Worthington, Jr.135
- Pittsburgh Prestidigitorials By Baffles135
- Capital City Comments Carl H. Guder135
- Wizard's Wanderrings From Wheeling W. Va. Paul R. Semple135
- Los Angeles Event T.M. McGrath136
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians Gravatt & McFaddan136
- Los Angeles Carnival Of Magic Gravatt & McFaddan137
- Weekly News Letter For The Month Dorny137
- Glasgow Society Of Magicians De Vega137
- Whispers From Winipeg Wizards Don Marjis138
- Order Of The Magi138
- British Magical Society J.C. Frisby139
- Vancouver, B.C. Society Of Magicians Thomas Bowyer139
- Stick Your Wise Friend With This One Burgess139
- Wilson Night At N.C.A Clinton Burgess139
- Overheard In A Magician's Library By Clinton Burgess140
- The Sphinx Discovers Pittsburgh140
- Magic As A Last Resort140
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans141
A Neat Combination By Baffles141
Sands Of The Agra By Wm. Larsen, Jr.141
Editorial Page142
Cues For Questionists By Heverly143
In Which Performer Gains Knowledge Of A Written Question Though All Articles Used Are Immediately Examined By V.D. Barbour144
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon144
- Lessons Continued145
- The Rabbit Trick146
- To Produce A Feather Bed From A Hat146
The Magnus Dove Frame146
Ideas Gravatt & McFaddan146
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt147
- The Homing Silk William Larsen, Jr.147
- Ye Old Four-Ace By W.S. Price147
Muftie's Tissue And Cards By W.A. Flaig147
One Neat Dye Tube Variation By J. Clyde Cooper148
Just A Little Thought By W.A. Flaig148
By The Way148
Number Fifteen Prize Contest By Ladson Butler148
Magic And The Movies Gravatt & McFaddan149

NO. 5: JULY 1921161
George W. Heller Bio163
A Cone Load From The Finger Tips By Dr. E.G. Ervin163
The World Of Magic164
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery164
- Omaha S.A.M. Albert A. Schrempp164
- Doings Of The Houston Wizard's Club B.W. Armstrong, Jr.164
- Detroit S.A.M Mark B. Rumsey164
- De Jeu Route165
- Namreh Route165
- Jottings From St. Louis Ben R. Badley165
- Cincinnati Magicans' Club Andrew H. Berding165
- Buffalo, N.Y., Notes J.P. Oronson166
- Notes From Syracuse, N.Y. C. Roswell Glover166
- Notes From Indianapolis Raymond F. Amuso166
- Seattle Notes167
- British Magical Society J.C. Frisby167
- Something New167
- S.A.M Banquet Harry Houdini168
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon168
Wine And Water By Howard D. Wise169
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans170
- Adventures Continued171
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt172
- My Homing Silk By W.A. Flaig172
- Our Old Stand-By, The Drum Head Tube By W.A. Flaig172
My First Magical Performance By Charles R. Brush172
Two Novel Four Ace Effects By Wm. Larsen, Jr.173
By The Way Arthur C. Spratt173
Editorial Page174
Box For Vanishing Birds To Appear In Frame By Magnus175
Loving Cup From N.C.A.176
Rouclere & Wilson Flight Picture176
Victrola Magic176
The House Of Haunted Faces By Will Bland177
Improvement For Doll Levitation Raffles177
De Vega's Program For Magicians178
Heard At The Vaudeville By Clinton Burgess179
The Flight Of The Foulard By Alfred Rose180
Three Surprises By Glyndon Smith180
The Penetrative Matches181
Another Silk Production181

NO. 6: AUGUST 1921189
Magnus, Magician (?)191
Muffie's Number Fifteen-A Variation-Or Stung By Wesley A. Flaig191
A Picture No Artist Can Paint By Charles R. Brush191
The World Of Magic192
- Chicago Notes Geo. DeLwrence192
- Baffles In Wonderland Charles R. Brush192
- Canton Conjurors Shrinplin192
- Accumulated Anecdotes And Activities Dorny193
- N.C.A Clinton Burgess194
- Mystery Night N.C.A. Clinton Burgess194
- Mystery Night Continued195
- Namreh Route196
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians Gravatt & McFaddan196
- L.A.Picnic Gravatt & McFaddan196
- English Echoes Max holden196
- Notes From Indianapolis Raymond F. Amuso197
- Magical Notes From Wayne Wizardland Gene Gordon197
- Buffalo Magicians' Annual Outing197
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling,W.Va. Paul R. Semple197
- Central City Society Of Magicians Gene Gordon198
- Jottings From St. Louis Ben R. Badley198
- Cincinnati Magician's Club Andrew H. Berding199
- Vociferations From Vancouver, B.C. Thomas Bowyer199
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland199
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt200
- Our Colors Conrad B. Rheiner200
Improved Vanishing Alarm Clock By Wm. Larsen, Jr.200
Again The Four Aces By Accident201
The Torn Card And Glass Of Confetti By John Crimmins, Jr.201
By The Way202
Viewing The Hong Kong Mysteries202
Ideas By Gavatt & McFadden203
Laughing By Ledgerdemain By George Schulte203
Editorial Page204
Do You KNow?205
Silent Mora Letter205
Adventure In Magic By Henry R. Evans206
Showmanship Burgess207
Lessons In Magic P.H. Cnnon208
- Hermann Bran-Trick208
- The Great Chinese Rope-Feat208
- The Spirit Jews-harp209
Psychology And An Old Trick By Dr. E.G. Ervin209
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson210
Vanishing The Cigar Rudolph Reimer, Jr.211
More Moves With Matches By E.F. Clapp212
Baffles Cross Illusion By Charles R. Brush212
The Chameleon Spool By Wm. Larsen, Jr.212
The Novelty Fortune Ball By Wesley A. Flaig213
The Changing Half Dollar By Ralph W. Ring213
A Few Hints And Suggestions By Baffles213
Necromantic Nonsense Gus Dere213
Introducing Mr. Ball By Baffles214
Simplified Magic By Harlan Tarbell Cartoon214
A Post Card Trick By H. Syril Dusenbery214

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1921225
Edward D. Selvin Bio227
The World Of Magic228
- S.A.M.228
- Inner Circle N.C.A228
- Denver Mystic Circle Charles Neil Smith228
- Canton Conjurations By Shrimplin228
- Hanson And Burton Sisters Route229
- Monthly Magicgraphs Dorny229
- Did You Ever Hear About- Dorny229
- Chicago Notes Geo. DeLawrence229
- Magical News From Everywhere Gene Gordon229
- N.C.A. Clinton Burgess230
- Metropolitan Magic And Miscellaneous Magic Mention Clinton Burgess230
- A Smoke Picture Of Pittsburgh Black Artist On Ther First Picnic Mystery Charles R. Brush231
- Australian Society Of Magicians J.R. Buck231
- Vancouver Society Of Magicians T. Bowyer231
- Jottings From St. Louis Ben R. Badley232
- Olms At Regent Theater N.Y. Clinton Burgess232
- Magical Proverbs, Odd Comparisons, Etc. Clinton Burgess233
- My Three Best Tricks Augustus Rapp233
- Moments Of Mystery Gordon And Foley233
- Psychic Problem233
- Uncle Feelix234
- Another Paper Tearing Trick By Dr. E.G. Ervin234
- Literature235
- The Magic Of Old In The Light Of Today235
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt236
- A Good Impromptu Feat By John J. Gillis236
- Wireless Transportation By Ivanhoe Trudel236
- The Drum-Head Tube By J.J. Crimmins, Jr.236
- My Homing Silk By Arthur L. Hoag236
- Tips From Tiereray By John J. Gillis236
By The Way236
A Chat On Originality By Wesley A. Flaig237
Muftie's Number Fifteen By Wesley A. Flaig237
Ideas By Gravatt & McFadden237
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon238
- The Egg Bag238
- The Animated Egg238
- The Singular Saucepan238
The Flying Glass Of Water By George Schulte239
Ideas By Gravatt & McFaddan239
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans240
A Unique Coin Change By The Farberlands241
The Coffin Of Mahomet By Wm. Larsen, Jr.241
Editorial Page242

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1921261
Prof. HartBio263
What The Magicians Teach Us Clinton Burgess263
The World Of Magic264
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl Yockman264
- Monthy Magic Menu Dorny264
- Metropolitan Magic And Misc. Clinton Burgess264
- News From Jay Ess Eff265
- Wizards' Club Reorganizes Maurice Bliss265
- News Of Canton Conjurers Shrimplin265
- N.C.A. Clinton Burgess266
- N.C.A Impromptu Entertainment266
- N.C.A's Midnight Meet At Trilby's267
- News Notes From Los Angeles Gravatt & McFaddan267
- Evening Of Mystery Gravatt & McFaddan268
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club Andrew H. Berding268
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians Gravatt & McFaddan268
- St. Louis Doings Ben R. Badley269
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery269
- Wizards' Wanderings From Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple269
- One Wonderful Night269
- Necrom-antics Around Pittsburgh Baffles270
- Smoky City Magical Notes John J. Gillis270
- English Echos Max Holden270
- British Magical Society270
- Order Of the Magi W. Leland271
- Magicians Club Of Boston Dr. Edward F. Welch271
- Society Of Detroit Magicians Mark B. Rumsey271
Amateur Department272
- By The Way272
Our Old Standby-The 20th Century By W.A. Flaig272
The Confetti And The Soap272
That Bill And Lemon Trick By John J. Crimmins, Jr.272
The Penetrative Rising Card By E.J. Muschan273
Two Modern Forcing Packs273
Up Your Sleeve By Clarence Smith273
Magical Sketch By Baffles Brush273
Color Change And Vanish By Claudio273
The New Wonderful Streamers And Flag Illusion By Magnus273
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon274
- The Sphinx-A Mystery274
Show Me It's There, Dice Vanishing Form By Russell275
An Old Trick Revamped H. Syril Dusenbery275
Maggots By Magnus275
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans276
My Personal Experiences With The Clairvoyants by Robt. H. Gysel277
Sucker Effects Clandio278
With A Safety Match Box by W.A Flaig279
The Hank Candle Again Len J. Sewell279
Concerning Patents By James C. Wobensmith279
Clairvoyants Robt. H. Gysel280
The Fish From The Air-Three From One Bait By Russell281
Paragraphs By Schulte281
Impromptu Rising Card By Claudio281
A Few Questions By Clinton Burgess281
Editorial Page282
Comedy Writeups By A. Rube Augustus Rapp284

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1921297
Zelo Bio299
Magical Card Index System By Gravatt & McFaddan299
It Comes High But We Must Have It299
The World Of Magic300
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien300
- Chicago S.A.M.301
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery301
- Omaha S.A.M. Albert A. Schrempp300
- Magical Gleanings For October Dorny302
- Metropolitian Magic And Misc. Clinton Burgess302
- Watague Wizards Association Claudio302
- News Of Canton Conjurers Shrimplin302
- N.C.A303
- Chicago Notes Geo. DeLawrence303
- Notes From Los Angeles Gravatt & McFaddan303
- Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson303
- N.C.A Entertainment Clinton Burgess304
- Vivisection Illusion Shown In Buffalo J.P. Ornson305
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard305
- Cleveland Magicians' Society Harry W. Burger305
- Society Detroit Magicians M.B. Rumsey305
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicans' Column306
- The Knights Of Magic John J. McManus306
- News From Spokane E.V. Klein306
- St. Louis Doings Ben R. Badley306
- News Item307
- American Echos Max Holden307
- Australian Society Of Magicians307
- Glasgow Society Of Musicians De Vega308
- Sheffield Circle Of Magicians H.V. Nicholson308
- British Magical Society J. C. Frisby308
- Whispers From Winnipeg Wizards Don Marjis309
Formula For Cleaning Nickel Magical Apparatus Reid Miller309
Something Different By E.W. Herman309
Number Fifteen By John P. O'Donnell309
Lessons In Magic By H.P. Cannon310
- The Inexhaustible Bottle310
- The Great Hindoo Mystery311
A Prestidigitator's Paragraph By George Schulte311
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans312
Think! Stop! By W.A.Flaig312
A Prohibition Problem By Len Sewell313
A Complete Pocket Effect By Guest And Judah313
Every Deck Of Cards A Marked Deck By Baffles Brush313
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt314
- By The Way314
Very Latest With Envelopes By W.A. Flaig314
The Enchanted Bottle And Glass By Wm. Larsen, Jr.314
The Flying Flag And Billiard Ball By Archie Quirnbach314
Another One By Claudio315
Kidding About Hypnotism By Sidney Harris Wimbrough315
A Mysterious Disappearance315
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber316
- A Forty-Five Minute Program316
A Greenhorn's Experiences Enroute By Namreh Of Allentown316
Can You Explain It?317
Chosen Card Found Behind Back By W.A. Flaig317
Ideas By Gravatt & McFaddan318
Just A Little Stunt Of The Spirts318
The Sphinx By Kerston319
Handkerchief And Match Box Effect By C.H. Tickell319
The Superb Vanish Lionel T. Scott319
Editorial Page320
- Editorial Continued321
Suggestions And Hints By C.H. Tickell322

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1921341
Two Handsome Magis-Shirk & Reid Bios343
For The Small Town Worker By Claudio343
I Will Try And Explain It By Baffles X. Brush343
A Card And Envelope Effect343
The World Of Magic344
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien344
- Houdin's Route345
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery345
- Chicago S.A.M Earl Lockman345
- St. Louis S.A.M. Ben R. Badley345
- Items Of Interest Clinton Burgess346
- Al Baker At A Church Entertainment Clinton Burgess346
- Magic News Great Zelo346
- The Svengali Club Great Zelo347
- Magical Items Jay Ess Eff347
- New Orleans Magical Club T. Lionel Scott347
- N.C.A Clinton Burgess348
- Indianagraphs348
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicans Raffles348
- Toledo Magicians' Club Victor D. Barbour348
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple349
- Capital City Comments Carl H. Guder349
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians Gravatt & McFaddan349
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicianss T.W. McGrath350
- Cincinnati Notes Leroy Gerber350
- Notes from The Southland A.B. Harrington350
- Spotlights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard351
- Notes From Newark James McKnight351
- Rocky Mountain Notes Charles Neil Smith351
- Knights Of Magic John McManus351
- A Quintet Of Magicians At Allentown Namreh351
- Vancouver Society Of Magicians Thomas Bowyer351
- English Echos Max Holden352
A Greenhorn's Experiences Enroute By Namreh Of Allentown353
Ideas Gravatt & McFaddan353
A Sucker Card Effect By Peter Roennau353
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon354
- Card Manipulations354
- Making The Pass With One Hand354
- To Force A Card355
- The Obedient Cards355
Cigar And Flag Trick C.H. Tickell355
A Tip To Needle Swallowers By Leslie P. Guest355
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans356
Novel Match Box Tricks By C.H. Tickell357
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt358
- By The Way258
Ye Old Rising Cards By Walter L. Wilson, Jr.358
The Dream Of Satan-A Modern Illusion By William Larsen, Jr.358
The Changing Tube Method By W.A. Flaig358
Silks And Confetti By W.A. Flaig359
Some Timely Tips By Walter L. Wilson359
The Vanishing Cigar By Paul Brown359
Ways And Means By Raffles Brush359
Caruso As A Ventriloquist359
The Joker As A Jinx By Leslie P. Guest360
Card To Flower Pot By De Vega360
Sawing A Sausage In Two By C.H. Tickell360
East Is West-An Illusion By W.A. Flaig361
Strange Things (Even If They Are Not True) Robt. H. Gysel361
The Lost Spoon351
Editorial Page362
Water Bowl And Ducks By Great Zelo363
A Pack Of Cards Clayton A. Roscrance363
Comedy Writups By A. Rube Augustus Rapp363
Scott's Billiard Ball Box364
Zat Zam's White Chapel By Chief Zat Zam364
Uncle Feelix365
The Divided Woman By Clinton Burgess366
Design For Black Art Table366
A Different Sucker Die Box By Chief Zat Zam366
- Die Box Drawings367
Germain Water Jars Ovette368

NO. 11: JANUARY 1922385
E.B. Heller Bio387
An E.Z. Card Trick by J. Phillips387
Dr. Elliott's Wonder Card Trick By Otto Waldmann387
Registering Growing A Girl, P.T. Selbit387
The World Of Magic388
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dein388
- Ladies' Night S.A.M. Richard Van Dein388
- Thurston Night S.A.M. Clinton Burgess389
- Houdini Night S.A.M. Clinton Burgess389
- Water-Filled Torture Cell390
- S.A.M. Welcome390
- The Chinese Water Torture Cell390
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery391
- Chicago S.A.M. W.R. Walsh391
- St. Louis S.A.M. Robt. G. Williams391
- San Francisco News H. Syril Dusenbery392
- The Queen City Mystics Leslie P. Guest392
- Canton Magic Crafters Shrimplin392
- Cincinnati Magician's Club393
- The Knights Of Magic, N.Y. John J. McManus393
- R.I. Society Of Magicians N.C.A393
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians T.W. McGrath394
- News Notes From Los Angeles Gravatt & McFaddan394
- The Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson395
- Wizzards Wanderings From Wheeling, W. Va. Paul R. Semple395
- P.A.M. News And Notes Baffles R. Brush395
- Capitol City Comments Carl H. Guder395
- Detroit Society Of Magicians Fred H. King396
- Indianagraphs396
- Cosmopolitan Conjuring Comments Dorny396
- Doings Of The Chattanooga Conjurers' Club William Burns397
- N.C.A. Clinton Burgess398
- Metropoliton Magic And Misc. Clinton Burgess398
- Metro Continued399
- The Australian Society Of Magicians J.R. Buck400
- Vancouver Versimilitudes T. Bowyer400
- British Magical Society J.C. Frisby400
Cube Conjuring By C.H. Tickell402
The Latest Spirit Hand By Otto Waldmann401
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt402
- By The Way402
An Experiment In Chemistry402
A Knotty Problem402
Tips And Suggestions By John J. Gillis402
A Few Suggestions And Tips By Clayton Wyatt402
About Magic Sqaures John J. Gillis402
It Is Different You'll Say, Reclothed Aces By Clayton W. Rosencrance403
Ideas By Gravatt & McFaddan403
Coin Stand By Magnus403
The J.P. Ornson Incense Burner403
Observations By O.B. Server403
Editorial Page404
The Prisma Color Trick By Otto Waldmann406
In The Language Of Ledgerdemain By George Schulte406
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans407
- Adventures Continued408
An Opening Combination By Paul R. Rockwood409
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon410
- How To Make A Person Draw Long Or Short In Drawing Cards410
Charles K. Hill Presents Schubert In Expose On Spiritualism411
A Cigarette Combination By Otto Waldmann411
The Harm Done By Widespread Exposure Clinton Burgess411
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L, Weber412
- Sawing Through A Rabbit412
The Evapo Ink And Handkerchief Combination Effect By Will de Seive413
Kansas City University Classes Picture413

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1922425
William Meyerberg Bio427
George Estmond Closson Obit427
World's Oldest Game427
The World Of Magic428
- S.A.M.428
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Duesenbery428
- Chicago's Houdini Night429
- Chicago Continued430
- Metropolitan Magic And Misc. Clinton Burgess431
- Metro Continued432
- Magic News Zelo433
- Knights Of Magic John J. McManus434
- Capital City Comments Carl H. Guder434
- Society Of Detroit Magicians Fred H. King434
- Spot Lights from Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard435
- Chicago Notes Geo. DeLawrence436
- St. Louis S.A.M. H.G. Williams436
- Portland Magical Society Ervin J. Ludeman436
- Notes From Cincinnati A.B. Harrington436
- Doings Of The Demons Thos. C. Worthington,III437
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians437
- Thurston Visits Pittsburgh Association Of Magicans Raffles Brush437
- Queen City Mystics Leslie P. Guest437
- Indianagraphs438
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club Geo. W. Stock438
- Charleston, W.Va., News J. Vernon Shea438
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling W.Va. Paul R. Semple438
- Buffalo, N.Y. Notes J.P. Ornson439
- Dizzy Dope From Dorny439
- Vociferations From Vancouver, B.C. T. Bowyer440
- British Magical Society J.C. Frisby440
- South African News Max Holden440
How Playing Cards May Interpret The Bible R.J. & A.W. Bodmer440
Say It With Patter By George Schulte441
How Playing Cards Originated By R.J. & A.W. Bodmer441
Queries By C.H. Tickell441
Billiard Ball Vanish By C.H. Tickell441
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt442
- By The Way442
The Wonder Blocks By Wm. Larsen, Jr.442
For Ye Beginner By W.A. Flaig442
The Water O' China By Paul A. Brown442
Best Ever Method Of The Old Flag By W.A. Flaig442
Sleights With Matches By John A. Sznek443
The Japanese Ring Trick443
The New Idea Flag Vase443
One Hand Card Shuffle By Baffles Brush444
Waldmann's Original Handkerchief Vanish444
The Dime And Penny By J. P Ornson444
Here Is Another Card And Envelope Which Anyone Can Do By Peter Roennau444
Novel Coin And Tumbler Trick By C.H. Tickell444
Pulling A Rope Through A Girl's Body By C.H. Tickell445
Substituted A Rooster445
Rising Cards Again Len J. Sewell445
New Use For The Old Handkerchief Vanishing Wand By Otto Waldmann445
Editorial Page446
B.L. Gilbert Speech At Chicago S.A.M,447
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans448
Laughslides Of Ledgerdemain By George Schulte449
Uncle Feelix449
A Greenhorn's Experiences Enroute By Namreh Of Allentown450
Magic As A Hobby By T.C. Bonney451
Lessons In Magic By P.H. Cannon452
- The Drum Trick452
- The Horn Of Plenty452
More Suggestions And Hints By C.H. Tickell425
Leroy And The Sharrocks In New Orleans By Lionel T. Scott453
5. Hypnotized Wand453
Magic As A Hobby By Harold P. White453
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber454
- Hanky-Panky Production Act454
The Trapper Trapped By Dr. X454
- Trapper Continued455
The Four Ace Trick C.H. Tickell456
Magical Merriment 456
6. Vanishing Doll456
Mystery Cards C.H. Tickell457
Novel Match Box Tricks Illustrations458
French First At Cards458
More Modest Magical Mush Materializes Clinton Burgess458

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