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The Whiteboard Bat
by Ian Adair

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The Whiteboard Bat by Ian Adair

The whiteboard bat is a paddle with whiteboard surfaces that allow you to write or draw pretty much anything on it with an erasable marker. This allows you to customize the classic paddle trick to your heart's content. Ian Adair developed this idea in the 1970s from an older version that used a blackboard material and chalk. In this ebook you will find loads of ideas what to do with it.

Note that no paddles are included with this download. But it is not too difficult to make these yourself from self-adhesive whiteboard material.

  • The Origins Of The 'Whiteboard Bat'
  • About This Model
  • The Original Instructions
    • Whiteboard Bat
  • Ideas And Suggestions
    • Magic Colours
    • Oxo
    • I'll Start Again
  • The Paddle Move
  • Some Handling Tips...
    • Using Both Paddles
    • Why Two Images
    • Rubbing Images Off Both Surfaces Of The Paddle At The Same Time
  • Tricks With One Paddle
    • Ladybird Spots
    • Made In China
    • I Love You
    • A Couple Of Spades
    • Sex Detector
    • Devil Of A Trick
    • Sympathetic Circles
    • Melt-Thru
    • Cutting A Girl In Half
    • A Fishy Tale
    • Domino Prediction
    • Arrow-Batics
    • Pair Of Eyes
    • Circle The Spot
    • Green And Yellow Make Blue
    • Two Little Tadpoles
    • It's A Joker!
    • Jumping Arrow
    • Lots Of Spots
    • Smoking Kills
    • Cracked!
    • Cupid's Heart
    • Spots & Circles
    • All Done By Mirrors
    • Lipstick Prediction
    • Domino-Magic
    • Any Colour
    • Cross-Over
    • Smiley/Sad Faces
    • Red Hot Wire
    • Time On Your Hands
    • Double-Cross
    • Strike A Light!
    • Rub-Away!
    • Body Parts
    • Card In The Balloon Paddle
    • Flower Pot Fun
    • Parrot Paddle
    • Sucker Card Prediction
    • Mirror Images
    • Some More Quickies
  • Tricks With Two Paddles
    • Passe Passe
    • Spot The Spot!
    • Seeing Ghosts
    • Turn It Round
    • Anyone For Cricket?
    • Chocs Away!
    • Passe Bottle & Glass

1st edition 2014, 39 pages; PDF 52 pages.
word count: 15578 which is equivalent to 62 standard pages of text