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Thomas Harrington

Thomas Harrington

Tom has a Ph.D. in Perception and Physiological Psychology. He can look back on a distinguished career of thirty years as professor and researcher at major universities around the world in perception, human factors and the expansion of human capacity.

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Thomas Harrington

The Magic of Memory by Thomas HarringtonA number of effects in magic, and in life, succeed because one person is doing something mentally that other people assume is beyond human capacity. This ebook explores one such phenomenon--memory for numbers, items and events. Over the course of several thousand years a procession of mnemonics pioneers have successively augmented human power to deal with numbers by evolving a collection of clever ways to think more effectively about them. These methods, largely unknown to the general population, have the potential for greatly expanding human mental capacity. For instance, the average human’s...
2007 / 3 / 11

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